Façade Design Guide 

Design Guide for Architects

Outokumpu experts have written this guide to underline the benefits of using stainless steel, a durable yet varsatile material, in facades.  

The Outokumpu Facade Design Guide covers various topics about the usage of stainless steel as a material in building facades. Firstly, the guide covers the differences between austenitic and duplex grades for facades and the differences between the two microstructures. This is followed by an overview of stainless steel fabrication and the concerns that architects in relation to the uniformity of the stainless steel facade as well has how to choose the appropriate fixing method. The durability of stainless steel is also covered, and insight is provided into how to select correct stainless steel grade for a facade design project taking into consideration environmental factors that introduce corrosion considerations. The different surface finishes are also covered in the guide while also discussing how stainless steel can support in gaining credit towards LEED and Breeam green building ratings. 

Outokumpu's guide for architects

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Are you looking for a durable yet versatile material that can be processed to form architectural structures in a variety of shapes and sizes? Download our Façade Design Guide and discover how to design stunning timeless façades with stainless steel.

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