Decarbonization is a long-term investment

What is the cost of decarbonization? With investments to clean energy, low carbon raw materials and carbon capture, companies will need to find ways to remain profitable while committing to ambitious climate targets.

Our President & CEO Heikki Malinen, BlackRock’s Managing Director Sustainable Investment & Analytics Christopher Kaminker, SEB’s Chief Sustainability Officer Hans Beyer, NIB’s Head of Sustainability Luca de Lorenzo, and German Energy Agency dena’s Managing Director Kristina Haverkamp discussed about the costs of climate roadmaps at the Decarbonization is a long-term investment event at COP28.

Watch the key insights from the panel discussion:


Stainless steel plays a pivotal role in accelerating the green transition across from basic structures of society to industry, mobility, and household appliances. With the industry’s lowest carbon footprint, we support our customers to reduce their value chain emissions – the most challenging emissions to reduce.

Global megatrends support the growing demand for stainless steel. As a world leader in sustainable stainless steel production we aim to capture our fair share of this growth.

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