Providing long-lasting design


Stala’s main guideline is to prepare products that are high-quality, well-functioning and visually beautiful at every stage of their life cycle. The material used in the products needs to have the same features.


Outokumpu’s stainless steel is durable, easy to clean and visually always in style. Since it can be recycled after use, it exceeds the expectations concerning the long life cycle.


Outokumpu’s stainless steel has been used in a majority of Stala’s products since 1972.

Finnish family-run business Stala manufactures a broad variety of products, from sinks and waste sorting systems to mailboxes and firewood racks. What these have in common is the choice of material: stainless steel. “Outokumpu’s steel has been used in a majority of our products since 1972, from the beginning of Stala. We appreciate Outokumpu as a trustworthy partner and responsible company,” says Tuija Rajamäki, Stala’s CEO, who is in charge of choosing strategic material suppliers.

Rajamäki describes stainless steel as a unique material, one that, in Stala’s skillful hands, results in high-quality, durable products that bring joy to their user time after time. “Stainless steel is the best choice especially for sinks in kitchens and utility rooms, since it is hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to corrosion and rust. It is known as one of the basic elements in the kitchen.”


Always in style

Stala’s business started from kitchen sinks and has since expanded to the garden. The main principle guiding the business has always been top-quality design.

But to Stala, it means more than the visual aspect of the product. “The perfect design needs to be seen in every stage of our operations, from production to use. We aim to create products that are high quality, well-functioning and efficient at every stage of their life cycle. The right material is the key element in the process, and since stainless steel can also be recycled after use, it even exceeds our requirements.” Of course the appearance of the product is important as well for Stala and its customers. Stainless steel delivers on this aspect very well, too. “Timeless design is an important factor for the longevity of the product and stainless steel is also long-lasting from a design point of view. As a neutral material, it is always in style,” Rajamäki explains.


Fulfills the hopes of responsible consumers

The long-lasting working life and beautiful appearance of the products stem from Stala’s responsibility-centered way of working.

“Our products are manufactured following international agreements on work of minors and international principles on working conditions and environmental protection. We also require responsibility from our supplier, and because of that we have been in cooperation with Outokumpu for so long,” says Rajamäki. As Outokumpu’s stainless steel is recyclable, hygienic and safe, it has been the material choice for Stala for decades. “These are all features that a responsible consumer and a manufacturer hope from a material.”

Recommended products and insight

Building and infrastructure

Landmark buildings and bridges make a statement. When they’re built of stainless steel, that statement reflects an enduring legacy – a legacy of timeless beauty, exceptional strength and unmatched durability.

Structural applications

An inspired choice for load-bearing structures, stainless steel delivers exceptional strength with added benefits – like the corrosion resistance of steel in the Supra range, and light weight of high-strength duplex steel in the Forta range.


The Forta range contains duplex and other high strength stainless steels that enable thinner structures and weight reduction (measured in Rp0.2 > 400 MPa. PRE 16 to 43).


Outokumpu offers a full range of stainless-steel rebar with high availability.