Temoco – Adding a sustainable touch to the Nordic’s leading bars 

Bars with a twist of sustainability

Morten Larsen is the owner of Temoco, a furniture provider for the leading bars and restaurants in the Nordics. His clients include major hotel and restaurant chains and some of the most interesting and highly regarded bars in the world. With over 30 years in the industry, he has seen the industry change from decade to decade with different trends coming and going.


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Himkok, Oslo, Norway
Sustainability is more than a passing trend for Temoco

Temoco, and the bar and catering industry in general, have implemented stainless steel for decades due to its many properties. These include the durable and hygienic qualities that only stainless steel can provide. Be it eye-catching wine cabinets or modular workstations, stainless steel is the material of choice in modern bars, that demand dependable performance and a visually appealing look. 

As a leader in the industry Temoco wants to find new ways to make a difference. One of the most important drivers in almost every industry is sustainability. This is just as true in the bar field and Temoco has gone to great lengths to ensure that everything they create is as sustainable as possible. 

 “Sustainability is important to us because, as an innovative company we can’t afford to do things otherwise – Temoco is turning 30 and we would like to see at least 30 more years. Our only choice is to think ahead and the future for serious companies belongs to those who think and act sustainability.” says Morten. 


Sustainability is at the core of Temoco’s business 

As research into the sustainable material qualities began, Morten was shocked to find that most stainless steel providers did not take the environmental impact into consideration when producing their products. After finding and contacting Outokumpu things changed. Morten was impressed by the work Outokumpu has put into the production of their stainless steel; that Outokumpu has the highest level of recycled content in their raw material, that they have a 30% smaller carbon footprint than the industry average and that 80% of the energy used is carbon neutral. Being a relatively local provider was also a key factor.  

“We chose Outokumpu because they clearly show and act like a responsible producer of stainless steel. That business is all but green due to the industrial process, but they do their best to produce it as sustainably as possible. The fact that 90% of the raw materials used in their business are recycled and 100% recyclable played a large part and being located in the Nordics ensures fair working conditions.” continues Morten. 


Educating Temoco’s customers

Case Temoco
Morten Larsen, the owner of Temoco
Working with companies that own multiple hotels and restaurants allows Morten to spread the word of sustainable stainless steel. He believes that though the amount of stainless steel used in a bar is small in comparison to a hotel or restaurant as a whole, by telling the owners and managers of the benefits of stainless steel, he can make a difference and get his clients to think about the impact that sustainably produced materials can have. 

“We must educate and inform our clients about all the benefits sustainable options give to the environment and to the economy. We believe that in the near future more players in the market will begin to pay more attention to sustainability.” says Morten. 

Outokumpu will keep working towards a world that lasts forever with partners such as Temoco in the future. 

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Drivers of sustainable stainless

Global issues, such as the depletion of natural resources, energy efficiency, carbon footprint and transparency have shaped and continue to shape the way we do business.


The Core range contains austenitic and ferritic stainless steel products for mild to medium corrosive environments. The classic 18/8 stainless steel is part of Outokumpu Core range.


The Moda range contains nine stainless steel products meant for mildly corrosive environments. Its ferritic stainless steels are nickel free and magnetizable.

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