Outokumpu is participating in the Tall Building Conference in Dubai

Stainless steel is highly sustainable, durable, noncombustible, easy to maintain and exquisitely aesthetical. It’s therefore an approved and greatly appreciated façade material for sophisticated skyscraper architecture; also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where continuous investments in extravagant high-rise projects have been carried out.

Start date: October 20
End date: October 25
Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE
Track A: Tall Building Façade Symposium

The façade is the “skin” of a tall building and as such builds the first line of defense against a harsh urban and natural environment. Corrosive sea air, pollution, solar radiation, ground motion and subsidence all take their toll.

Jörn Teipel, Lead Technical Manager Architecture, Outokumpu will be one of the speakers in the “Preserving Façade Integrity” track session focusing on highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel façades.

He says: “Stainless steel has to date been underrepresented as façade material on buildings in the coastal cities around the gulf as this area generally suffers from an extremely corrosive climate. Outokumpu has now succeeded in producing the highly corrosion-resistant duplex grade Forta DX 2205 with an aesthetic Deco Linen pattern highly homogeneous and with highest flatness on bright-annealed base material. A stable manufacturing process with reproducible product quality, even across multiple raw material batches, is essential for high-rise façade projects – a challenge we have now mastered.”

Come to listen the presentation or chat at the event afterwards with the Outokumpu team at the Tall Building Façade Symposium to get the latest intelligence on materials and stainless steel surface finishes!

Published Aug 17, 2018