Attractive and durable façades with stainless steel

Stainless steel is an increasingly popular exterior and interior cladding material for buildings designed for sustainable long-term use. In addition to established benefits like durability, non-combustibility, corrosion resistance and aesthetics, Outokumpu stainless steel provides features that make it perfectly suited for today’s demands towards a circular economy. While 100% recyclable, it also consists of over 90% recycled material.

Our webinar series focuses on the major benefits and characteristics of stainless steel as façade material. Watch the recordings for insights and expertise from some of the industry leaders or sign up for the upcoming webinars.

Past webinars & events

Further processing of stainless steel
This webinar focuses on production of the various stainless steel finishes and how they can be further processed into aesthetic cladding material by polishing, bead blasting or coloring. Furthermore the Outokumpu Circle Green – stainless steel with 92% lower carbon footprint compared to the industry average will be introduced.
Jörn Teipel Lead Technical Manager - Architecture
Udo Schuster Head of Sales, at mirrorINOX GmbH & Co. KG
Dr. Barbara Mundt Manager, Product and Application Sustainability, Advanced Materials
Fabrication of stainless steel
The focus of this webinar is to bring you expert knowledge on fabrication of your stainless steel façade to achieve your design idea. As the cladding material is designed for sustainable long-term use you will also learn the environmental impacts of stainless steel façade material.
Lenore Staubwasser Senior Forming Expert, Outokumpu
Mattia Luciano De Bernardi Project Manager, Permasteelisa 
Clemens Prim Lead Technical Manager – Portfolio Management
Facades and circular economy: Insights from the most sustainable stainless steel producer
Build sustainable with us. Our third architecture webinar puts focus on sustainable design and how you can contribute to a circular economy. What are the advantages of using stainless steel compared to other commonly used metals? The expert panelists include Catherine Houska, an internationally recognized consultant on architectural and structural metals, as well as Juha Erkkilä and Camilla Kaplin from Outokumpu.
Juha Erkkilä VP – Group Sustainability, Excellence & Reliability
Camilla Kaplin Senior Manager, Environment
Catherine Houska President, Catherine Houska Consulting LLC
Suitable stainless steel grades for your façade project
Choose the right material for optimized durability. Our second architecture webinar brings you expert knowledge on how to ensure your stainless steel façade will resist corrosion and stand the test of time – giving you valuable insights into material selection. The expert panelists include Catherine Houska, an internationally recognized consultant on architectural and structural metals, as well as Jörn Teipel and Sukanya Hägg Mameng from Outokumpu.
Jörn Teipel Lead Technical Manager - Architecture
Sukanya Hägg Mameng Corrosion Specialist
Catherine Houska President, Catherine Houska Consulting LLC
The aesthetics of stainless steel and how it can be processed

Stainless steel provides any façade with unique aesthetic value. Our first architecture webinar provides insights into the history of stainless steel finishes in architecture as well as modern possibilities and recent case studies showcasing the beauty of stainless steel façades. The expert panelists include Jörn Teipel and Rob Swift from Outokumpu, as well as Till Jackenkroll from POHL.

Jörn Teipel Lead Technical Manager - Architecture
Till Jackenkroll Product & Innovation Manager
Rob Swift Project Sales Manager at Outokumpu

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