Case ADR tank container



Finnish Langh Group Cargo Solutions needed a strong stainless steel for a corrosive environment and higher strength to withstand very demanding conditions.


Langh Group Cargo Solutions selected Outokumpu’s new high-chromium austenitic steel grade Outokumpu Supra 316plus as the main building material for their portable tank container. The grade provides excellent corrosion resistance with higher strength and lower container weight due to its thinner walls.


Steel grade: Austenitic Outokumpu Supra 316plus
Steel form: Cold rolled sheet
Surface finish: 4N on the outer surface, 2B and 1D inside

Supra 316plus makes ADR tank containers lasting

In 2015 Finnish Langh Group Cargo Solutions selected Outokumpu’s high-chromium austenitic steel grade Outokumpu Supra 316plus as the main building material for their portable tank container.

Steel grade was chosen because of its combined technical properties and attractive price. Supra 316plus has higher strength compared to 316(L) that allows thinner walls for the tank container.

“We needed a strong material for a corrosive environment and Outokumpu offered the Supra 316plus as a new alternative.  The new grade has even better properties than 316L and its corrosion resistance allows thinner container walls. That in turn results in a lighter weight and increases the load the tank is able to carry. As Supra 316plus is a new grade we had to get official approval from Lloyd’s Register to use it in the T11 tank that will carry corrosive liquids. Supra 316plus passed the material tests without any problems,” says Markku Yli-Kahri from Langh Group Cargo Solutions.


Weight reduction thanks to higher strength

Outokumpu Supra 316plus is a unique product developed by Outokumpu that provides a competitive alternative to 316(L) because it contains less nickel and molybdenum, yet the corrosion resistance is higher.

“Supra 316plus is a competitive alternative for customers who have currently chosen 316(L) as handling and welding of the Supra 316plus is similar to standard austenitic grades. Customers can use familiar tooling and welding techniques in construction. The higher strength allows thinner walls, resulting in a lower container weight as in this particular case,” says Juha Kela, Product Manager of Supra 316plus at Outokumpu.

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