Located at the heart of a logistical network in Holland’s third largest port, Outokumpu’s Terneuzen operations is ideally positioned to serve customers throughout Europe by water, road and rail.


Austenitic and ferritic coils, strips and sheet.

  • Maximum coil weight 30 tons.
  • Strip and sheet thickness range 0.3–6.35mm.
  • Coil width range: 1,650–300mm.
  • Strip width range: 1,650–35mm.
  • Sheet length range: 9,000–300mm

Certificates and approvals

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

Outokumpu Stainless B.V.

Finlandweg 1, 4554 AB, LW Westdorpe, The Netherlands
Postal address: P.O. Box 52, 4550 AB Sas van Gent, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 115 - 474700
Fax: +31 115 - 474705
Email: sales.benelux@outokumpu.com
VAT: NL800226938B01


An important part of Outokumpu’s Tornio operations in Finland, the Terneuzen finishing lines are used to process material from Tornio delivered via non-stop vessel transfers. Terneuzen also is the collection point for north-bound raw materials and consumables that are transported to Tornio.

At Terneuzen, austenitic and ferritic stainless steel coil and sheet materials primarily from Outokumpu Moda, Core and Supra ranges are processed in slitting and cut-to-length lines. Fully automated material handling and packing equipment expedites the process, facilitating extremely fast deliveries. Established in 1993, Terneuzen operations serve customers in a wide range of industries throughout central and southern Europe and the U.K., with a small portion of goods shipped overseas to the Americas and Asia-Pacific markets, as well as other Outokumpu units. Terneuzen is within easy reach via Holland’s Westerschelde Tunnel and is served by a freight-only rail line via Belgium to the entire European hinterland.




ISPS registration

For ISPS registration to visit the Outokumpu Westdorpe quay, please click here and fill in the form prior to your arrival. 


Environmental concerns

If you have environmental concerns, please contact our environmental team in Terneuzen by e-mail

Key capabilities

Unmatched logistics

  • With optimal proximity to customers, Terneuzen specializes in extremely fast deliveries

Customized finishing services

  • Cut-to-length and slitting lines for austenitic and ferritic coils, strips and sheet

Classic family products

  • High quality products produced primarily from Outokumpu Classic family Moda, Core and Supra ranges for mildly corrosive environments