Case 3 World Trade Center

Leslie McManus


For a landmark property like 3WTC, the cladding material must have exactly the same color and texture – even though material deliveries are separated by a period of years.


Through its trademark exacting precision, Outokumpu’s Dillenburg plant produces stainless steel of exceptional consistency.


A total of 550 metric tonnes of cold-rolled Outokumpu Deco Linen finish austenitic stainless steel.
Steel grade: Deco
Product form: Cold rolled strip, coil and sheet
Finish: Deco Linen

Landmark’s unique finish reflects understated elegance

When Italian façade contractor Permasteelisa S.p.A. envisioned a very specific structurally textured surface for the exterior of 3 World Trade Center (3WTC), the company turned to Outokumpu. The Outokumpu solution: a distinctive, softly reflective Deco Linen surface that exudes a confident, quiet elegance.


Delivering consistent harmony

In a project of several years’ duration, timing presented a challenge. Outokumpu delivered 150 metric tonnes of stainless steel for construction of the tower’s podium in 2012. The final façade panels were installed some four years later and they all had to be consistent with the quality.

“The challenge is to manufacture the new stainless steel façade surfaces in exactly the same color and texture as the existing elements from 2012 to create perfect harmony between the surfaces,” says Michele Arcadipane, Key Account Manager Architecture & Building at Outokumpu. “We are very proud to be the supplier for the façade panels for the World Trade Center complex, which marks a further chapter in our success story in the architecture sector.”

A total of 550 metric tonnes of cold-rolled Deco Linen finish stainless steel was produced for 3WTC at Outokumpu’s stainless steel plant in Dillenburg, Germany. High profile projects demand exceptional materials and production experience. The Outokumpu Dillenburg plant has a solid reputation as a reliable supplier with fast response times, flexible supply capacities and consistent quality, even under tight time constraints.


Where performance meets permanence

Stainless steel is an inspired choice for a landmark building. Properly specified stainless steel can provide 100-plus years of service with minimal maintenance – and that’s an important consideration for owners and developers. Stainless steel won’t require painting and won’t change with the passage of years.

In addition to low life-cycle costs, stainless steel is stubbornly corrosion resistant, an important factor in New York City’s coastal environment. As beautiful as it is durable, stainless steel delivers a hardworking blend of performance and permanence.


Unlimited creative potential

Outokumpu’s Deco Linen texture generates particularly soft light reflections, extremely homogenous color gradients and an attractive subtle shimmer in sunlight. Fresh yet timeless, this uncommon finish imparts a premier quality like that of another New York landmark, Manhattan’s nearby 85-year-old Chrysler building – also clad in stainless steel that was melted according to Outokumpu’s original patent.

“With 3WTC, we want to further demonstrate the creative potential of stainless steel and emphasize its vast artistic capabilities,” Arcadipane says. “Stainless steel is already popular among architects and interior designers as an interior styling feature in brushed and polished finishes. But in recent years, textured stainless steel surfaces are gaining a reputation also as a superior exterior finish.”

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