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Castelleone is one of Outokumpu’s biggest European coil service centers. Tailor-made solutions with short lead times set Castelleone apart from its competitors.

Three cut-to-length lines, two slitting lines and four polishing lines (including two coil-to-coil brushing lines and two sheet polishing lines) comprise the coil service center that generates more than 90,000 tonnes of products annually.

Polished and brushed surface finishes are a specialty area at Castelleone. An advanced solution uses elastic cork particles to produce Scotch Brite finishes on sheets up to 12 mm thick. Effectively cushioning the grinding process, cork also delivers superior uniformity while eliminating stripes and other marks across the width and length of the coil. The result: flawless surfaces essential in the domestic appliance and catering industries.

Castelleone enjoys a unique competitive advantage through its offering of special products from the Outokumpu Pro Family. Duplex and other high strength stainless steels from the Forta range – available only through Outokumpu – are especially popular in the chemical and tank industries.


Organization, Management and Control Model

Outokumpu S.r.l. has implemented the Organization, Management and Control Model in compliance with the requirements of 231/2001 Italian law. The Model and the Ethic Code, that is essential part of the Model, are the reference point for all Outokumpu S.r.l. activities, which shall be carried out according to the law, honestly, with integrity and good faith, respecting the rights of third parties, employees, shareholders and partners.

Key capabilities

Tailor-made cutting solutions

  • Thanks to the excellent capabilities of our lines, we can offer a wide range of dimensions and solutions tailored to the customer needs

Polished to perfection

  • Scotch brite (cork), a wide range of grit and duplo finishes are available for coil, cold-rolled and hot-rolled sheet

Uncommon uniformity

  • The cork scotch brite process delivers the same aesthetic appearance regardless of the material’s original thickness and mill surface

Castelleone downloads

ISO 9001 Castelleone Italy
ISO 9001 Castelleone Italy IT
ISO 45001 : 2018 (EN)
ISO 45001 : 2018 (IT)
ISO 14001 : 2015 (EN)
ISO 14001 : 2015 (IT)
Focus on the Outokumpu S.r.l. Service Centre
Codice Etico
Modello di Organizzazione
Etichettatura ambientale degli imballi industriali
ISO 9001 Genova Italy
ISO 9001 Genova Italy IT
ISO 9001 Treviso Italy
ISO 9001 Treviso Italy IT

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