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Feb 24, 2022

1 hour

Best tips for welding duplex

How to weld duplex stainless steel – Paul Janiak, Outokumpu

Welding duplex alloys is simple when you know how. Get all the essential information and guidelines in a nutshell from our design and fabrication expert.


Key tips for successful welding of stainless steel bridges – Lars-Åke Persson, Stål & Rörmontage

Join us to get practical advice and tips for welding stainless steel from an experienced professional.

  • Experiences from welding duplex grades

  • Main differences between welding carbon steel and stainless steel

  • Case examples of duplex stainless steel bridges

Paul Janiak

R&D Manager at Outokumpu

Paul Janiak is research and development manager at Outokumpu’s Avesta plant in Sweden and oversees creation and testing of new developments in fabrication and welding. He has a masters degree in materials science form KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and has experience in joining techniques, welding and fabrication.

Lars-Åke Persson

Marketing and Project Director at Stål & Rörmontage

Stål & Rörmontage AB is a Swedish Company located on the south coast between Sölvesborg and Karlshamn. Their main production is within the steel and pipe industry, both locally and with international experience. Stål & Rörmontage has worked closely with Outokumpu and developed an interesting concept called the Environmental Bridge – which is basically maintenance-free and can have a lifetime lasting well over 100 years.


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