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What kind of aspects should you consider to design a bridge that will last? What does beauty have to do with sustainability? What kind of actions are being made at Outokumpu in terms of sustainability? Hear some thoughts from one of the world’s top bridge designers, Ian Firth, and our Senior Vice President and CTO, Stefan Erdmann.

Keynote: What will the future society look like?

  • The importance of long-lasting design
  • The role of sustainability in infrastructure
  • Building sector in the future

Outokumpu’s view on sustainability

  • Why stainless steel is the material of the future

Ian Firth

Keynote speaker – Independent structural engineering consultant

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Ian Firth is one of the world’s leading bridge designers. He has extensive experience in the conceptual and detailed design of bridges, including some of the world's longest spans, in a variety of environments and contexts.


Stefan Erdmann

Senior Vice President and CTO at Outokumpu

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Stefan Erdmann is Chief Technology Officer at Outokumpu and member of the Outokumpu leadership team. His responsibility area includes research and development, technology, sustainability and investment steering.



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