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  • Stainless steels key ingredient
  • Created through stringent refinement 
  • Processing generates valuable by-products 

Outokumpu services

  • Unparalleled product knowledge
  • Europes only integrated mine and production plant
  • Reliable supply 

Commitment to quality 

  • Best Available Technology (BAT) in use
  • The latest investment in ferrochrome production completed in 2015
  • Recognized participant in circular economy 

Unmatched knowledge of material

Through its Tornio Ferrochrome Works, Outokumpu enjoys unique access to the most important raw material used in production of stainless steel – chrome – and that ends up being a unique advantage for our customers.

Because the process starts with chrome from its own Kemi Mine, Outokumpu knows precisely what goes into its stainless steel products, and precisely how those products were manufactured. For customers who need to know the exact composition of the material they depend on, that is essential information.

In production of stainless steel, there is no substitute for chrome. Most of the chrome produced by Outokumpu is used in our own melt shops in Finland, Sweden, the U.K. and U.S. Among producers of stainless steel, Outokumpu is uniquely self-sufficient: Only Outokumpu has its own chrome mine, and it is the only chrome mine and ferrochrome operation in Europe.

Outokumpu employs Best Available Techniques in its production. In addition to production of ferrochrome, Outokumpu utilizes by-products for a sustainable future, making the company a key player in the region’s circular economy. A 440 million euro investment completed in 2015 boosted Outokumpu ferrochrome production to 530,000 tonnes per annum.

Outokumpu Ferrochromium

Outokumpu Ferrochromium, the key ingredient of stainless steel, is generated by heating iron magnesium chromium oxide to high temperatures. We provide it in sizes of 10–40 mm, 10–80 mm (Cr content 52–54%) and 0–10 mm fines (Cr content 50–52%).

We produce ferrochrome

Tornio, Finland - Ferrochrome

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