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Our business is forged in our belief in stainless steel. The world needs it and needs to hear why. Together with our customers and partners, we create long-lasting solutions for civilization’s basic structures and the world’s most critical problems: clean energy and water, hygiene and health as well as efficient transportation and sustainable consumption. We are constantly inspired by stainless steel and excited by its possibilities. We always will be.


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Acideka of Spain

Keeping the lid on corrosion
Spain's Acideka toughened up its new harbor-side chemicals storage facilities with dependable Outokumpu Forta duplex stainless steel.

Al Shaheen offshore

When corrosion is not an option
Material that can withstand both the punishing weather and the highly corrosive properties is sometimes a must – like in Qatar's offshore oil fields.

Bailey of Sheffield

Jewellery engineered to last more than a lifetime
Cable bracelets are the realization of Scott Bailey’s idea and inspiration to create precious, personal and hardwearing jewellery.

Berlin Palace

Fastening Europe’s largest façade
Berlin City Palace will be reconstructed to its original style. The sandstone pieces on Europe's largest façade are bound with stainless steel fasteners.

BMW Welt

Vision of the future
BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, showcases the versatility of stainless steel. Stainless dazzles the eye while performs essential and innovative functions.

Chimneys in Jyvaskyla

Expertise for extreme conditions
Jyväskylä Energy Group was searching for the best material for their power station’s 143-meter tall chimney.

Edificio Forum

Crafting the geometry of design
An architectural masterpiece, the Edificio Forum repeats the geometry of Barcelona’s coastline with stainless steel surface replicating a shimmering sea.


Sunlight in a tank
The groundbreaking Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant can generate electricity even at night.

Goldman Sachs NYC

Stainless landmark glows golden
Stainless cladding delivers both strong aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance to the Goldman Sachs Tower in Manhattan.


For the love of spaghetti
Combining classic design and premium price, Culinario cutlery was developed for every food lover to twirl their spaghetti into just the perfect nest.

IDESA wind power park

When renewable meets unbreakable
Outokumpu duplex stainless steel was chosen to support the wind turbines of the Merkur offshore wind farm in the North Sea.

Krefeld train

Improving the daily commute
Low-floor streetcars with bodies made from stainless deliver improved comfort and modern design in Krefeld, Germany.

Kuwait bridge

A span of uncommon strength
Outokumpu’s Forta duplex rebar injects The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah causeway in Kuwait Bay with strength and exceptional corrosion resistance.

La Sagrada Familia

Building for the ages
La Sagrada Família in Barcelona pairs old world design with advanced materials to create an enduring masterpiece.

Laboratory hoods

Ensuring hygiene in a hospital laboratory
As part of the renovation of the pathology department, new, customized laboratory fume hoods were produced for Lapland Central Hospital.

Likholefossen bridge

Flying into the wild
When a footbridge was needed to showcase the power of a waterfall along the Gaula River in Norway, it was pre-assembled and airlifted in by helicopter.

Marina bay bridge

Embodying essence of life
Spiraling over Singapore’s Marina Bay, a sweeping span glitters against the night sky. The Helix Bridge is simultaneously strong and delicate.

Mexican coins

In your pocket: stainless steel coins
With superior corrosion resistance, the stainless steel coins can stand up to the wear and tear brought on by the elements they encounter.

Mine rescue chamber

Stainless saves lives underground
Required to protect miners from fire hazards, heat resistant mine rescue chambers need to withstand a lifetime of demanding underground conditions.

MyZeil shopping center

Capturing the energy of light
Landmark architectural design routinely pushes the limits. Stainless steel can deliver the versatility of beauty, durability and light-weight strength.

Namibian mine

Bedrock of strength
Outokumpu Forta stainless steel delivers high mechanical strength and very good corrosion resistance in the Husab mine in the Namibian desert.

New street station

New look for New Street
Birmingham New Street Station transformed from 1960s-era railway station into a stunning example of world-class architecture with strong stainless features.

OMSP Road tanker

Road tankers slim down
When it comes to gas road tankers, every ounce of weight makes a difference in terms of fuel consumption and payload capacity.

One World Trade Center NYC

Design shines for the ages
Architects asked Outokumpu for something unique. The Deco Laser surface finish was designed especially for One World Trade Center.

Ostrand pulp mill Sweden

Duplex ends downtime
When corrosion compromised operations at the SCA Östrand pulp mill, Outokumpu solved the problem with highly resistant Forta duplex stainless steel.

Ping An

Megatall with iconic steel façade
No building in the world matches the façade of the Ping An Finance Center in Shenzhen, China.


First class ferritic for masterchefs
Outokumpu asked Pintinox to test new high-chromium ferritic stainless steel Core 4622 as a high quality alternative to austenitic 304L.

Savoy London

Passage of glamour
For more than 125 years, this iconic hotel has offered luxury accommodation. A stainless steel canopy greets the guests – welcome to The Savoy.


To hell and back
Roller bearing manufacturer SKF used Therma stainless to make its heat treatment loading baskets last 30 times longer and make the process 10 times cheaper.

Södermalm bridge

Upgrading bridge construction
An old suburban railway bridge between Stockholm’s Old Town and the trendy district of Södermalm is being repaired by using stainless steel structures.

Sölvesborg bridge

Spanning time and distance
Stainless supports and decorates the Europe's longest pedestrian bridge, Sölvesborg Bridge in Sweden, and protects the nearby bird conservation area.

Steel boat

Ship made for rough seas
Project P16 is SSY’s solution for the demand of more efficient, safer and greener ships. It's an offshore patrolling vessel, made entirely of stainless steel.

Stonecutters bridge

Looking gorgeous even in a typhoon
The iconic Stonecutters Bridge in Hong Kong was designed to withstand 120 years of punishment from sea air, pollution and extreme weather.

Stuart Mitchell

A cut above knives
Hand crafted with passion and attention to detail, Stuart Mitchell’s stainless steel knives are more than just precision tools.

The Gap viewing platform

The ultimate cliffhanger
On the Western Australian coast, a stainless steel platform lets tourists stroll beyond a cliff's edge to witness an awesome, natural water show.


High level resistance
A stainless steel seamless tube provides excellent oxidation and creep resistance in cyclic conditions in temperatures up to 1,150 degrees Celsius.

Wine tanks

Grape source of pride
Modern wine making and stainless steel go hand in hand.

X2000 train

Making of the X2000 high-speed trains
The current upgrade process seeks to extend the trains’ lifespan. The original stainless steel train frames, however, will stay in service.

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Sep 06, 2018