Environmental perfomance

Outokumpu's firm objective is to minimize the environmental burden of the Group's operations as much as is economically and technically feasible. Environmental impacts always have to be analyzed per life span, not only by production phase. The use of stainless steel in modern society minimizes emissions by creating efficiency in for example transport, construction, industries and power plants. Therefore stainless steel is solution in combating climate change.

The most substantial environmental impacts that result from the production of stainless steel include emissions of dust and particles into the air, discharges of water from production plants, and direct and indirect energy consumption during production. Landfill waste is also created during the production process.

Our EHSQ and environmental policies form the basis of our environmental work. Our past achievements in minimizing environmental impact such as reduction of waste to landfills, world class energy efficiency, dust control, reduction of emissions to air and water and acid recycling improvements are great examples what innovative and persistent work can create.

Outokumpu's key environmental objectives are to prevent environmental incidents, to reduce emissions into water and air, to improve energy efficiency and to optimize the use of water. The enhanced use of recycled steel as raw material and the reduction of process waste are also important.

Outokumpu reports environmental performance annually: check our environmental performance in our reporting tool.

For more information on our environmental performance, please also check our latest reports

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May 14, 2018