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Business area Americas, coil service center

Unrivalled customer service is the hallmark of Outokumpu’s Fortinox Coil Service Center in Buenos Aires. Known for offering both standard and tailored solutions, the Fortinox team has been serving the needs of its customers since 1991.
In Argentina, Fortinox is the only facility offering coil-to-coil polishing. Guaranteeing a uniform, consistent polish over the surface of an entire coil, coil-to-coil polishing (in thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 3.0 mm) represents a distinct advantage over the limitations of sheet-to-sheet polishing. 

Using material of the highest quality imported from Outokumpu’s mills in Europe, the United States and Mexico, Fortinox offers comprehensive slitting, cut-to-length, multi-blanking and polishing services. Stainless steel coil and strip, precision strip, sheet available in ferritic and austenitic and stainless steel as well as pipes, tubes, bars and fittings, Fortinox also offers ware plate, blocks and bars in special grades of carbon steel.

Fortinox utilizes the newest, most precise cutting equipment available; preloaded with three coils, the slitting machine cuts in widths up to 1,500 mm and packs without stopping. The cut-to-length machine automatically applies PVC coating to both sides of the material in lengths up to 6 meters, and the multi-blanking cutter handles up to three coils (widths up to 1,500 mm) at one time, for significant efficiency in high-volume orders. 

Key capabilities

Coil-to-coil polishing

  • An exclusive process guaranteeing a uniform, consistent surface over the entire coil using no. 3 (intermediate polish), no. 4 (general purpose polish) and no. 6 (dull satin) finishes

Sophisticated technology

  • State-of-the-art cutting and slitting machines deliver exceptional precision and efficiency

Relentless customer focus

  • Processes and protocols are tailored to each customer’s needs to ensure complete satisfaction


Madonna Ashbrook Strategic Accounts
Phone: 1.847.882.2264
Email: madonna.ashbrook@outokumpu.com
Ron Archibeque Western US 
Phone: 1.909.438.5771
Email: ronald.archibeque@outokumpu.com
Bradley Small
Eastern US and Canada
Phone: 1.704.648.3015
Email: bradley.small@outokumpu.com
Omar Testa Key Segments - US and Mexico
Email: omar.testa@outokumpu.com
Rodrigo Landarte Mexico
Phone: 52.444.137.1207
Email: rodrigo.landarte@outokumpu.com
Bruno Fiego
South America
Phone: 55.11.98899.0903
Email: bruno.fiego@outokumpu.com


  Maximum width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (mm)  
Cut to length 1500 0.3–4.0 500–7,000  
  Max width (mm) Min width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (mm)
Multi-blanking 300 for 0.3 thickness / 150 for 1 thickness 500 for 0.3 thickness / 1,000 for 1 thickness 0.3–1 500–1,000
  Max output width (mm) Min input width (mm) Thickness range (mm)  
Slitting line #1 25 1,300 0.3–3.0  
  Max output width (mm) Min input width (mm) Thickness range (mm)  
Slitting line #2 20 620 0.3–1.5  
  Max output width (mm) Min input width (mm) Thickness range (mm)  
Slitting line #3 30 1,500 0.3–4.0  
  Line speed (m/min) Thickness range (mm) Maximum width (mm)  
Polishing/Brushing Coil / sheet 40 0.4–3.0 1,500  
  Maximum width (mm) Maximum thickness (mm)    
Horizontal cutting saw 1,500 1,500    
  Maximum width (mm) Maximum thickness (mm)    
Vertical cutting saw 1,110 1,110    
  Maximum width (mm) Thickness (mm) Length (mm)  
Plasma & Gas Electronic 2,000 4–50 6,000  

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