UN Sustainable development goals

Outokumpu contributes to several United Nations’ sustainable development goals either through the way we operate or through our products.

Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 3
Working at Outokumpu is characterized by taking care of yourself and others. Several health prevention measures were organized locally in 2016. They include ultrasonic testing, glaucoma tests, skin carcinoma screening and influenza immunization. Young people are trained on the impacts of shift work, office workplaces, drugs and the prevention of addiction.

Products: Outokumpu's stainless is used for medical devices, implants and for hygienic reasons. It is a backbone for people's health; its inert  behavior support safe nutrition used in food contact materials.


Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 4

4Outokumpu is a leading expert in stainless steel, which is why learning, expertise and talent management are very important elements in the company’s performance. Outokumpu develops employees’ competences, for example, through job promotion, on-the-job training as well as training programs. Cooperation with key universities, research institutes and technical colleges play a big role in the future resourcing of talent, and Outokumpu has a long tradition of offering summer jobs and traineeships in its major production locations.



Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 6
All production sites operate water treatment plants for the extensive use of water cycles and cascade water use. No water is discharged untreated. In Mexico, San Luis Potosí, Outokumpu’s cold rolling mill is located in an arid region. The less our production consumes water, the more it can be used for drinking, farming and vegetation. It is our social responsibility to prevent potential problems in water supply.

Products: Because of its hygienic properties, Outokumpu’s stainless is used for fresh water pipes and treatment plants for drinking water.



Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 7

7. Outokumpu follows sustainable energy supply practices to gain a secure energy supply with stable and competitive prices. We participate in low carbon power plant technologies such as hydropower, wind mills or nuclear power plants. Process gas from our ferrochrome production site in Tornio, Finland, is used in other own production furnaces.

Products: Stainless steels are used, for instance, in desulfurization equipment of waste gas from conventional power plants and in high temperature power plants, solar farms and biofuel plants.


Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 8

8. Outokumpu listens to employees’ requests to constantly improve their work environment. Workplace safety is one of our top priorities. The company engages in dialogue with stakeholders regarding safety and follows measures to prevent accidents or near miss incidents to draw attention to safe behavior. We ensure that we follow our principles, which are explained in our Code of Conduct and Ethical Statement.

Products: Stainless steel is used in airbag husks or handrails. Stainless steel is also used in staff canteen kitchens or coffee machines. Population growth calls for sustainable development.



Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 9

9. Outokumpu continuously assesses the environmental impact and enhances the cost efficiency of its production processes. New improved stainless steels are developed and existing materials are improved constantly. Outokumpu’s R&D also closely cooperates with end users of stainless steel to further work on and find completely new applications for stainless steels.

Products: Stainless steel is an important building block for sustainable industries and infrastructure. Due to its excellent properties and long lifetime, stainless steel provides the most sustainable material solution for many applications.



Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 11

 11. Outokumpu’s most significant impacts on local communities include direct and indirect employment as well as environmental and energy issues. Outokumpu engages community members by establishing personal contact, engaging in regular dialogue also with residents or other local stakeholders. The sustainable use of the areas in closed sites is developed in cooperation with these

Products: The use of stainless in buildings extends the lifetime of these structures and substantially reduces the need for maintenance.


Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 12

12. Outokumpu’s business is based on recycling and is a part of the circular economy. The company focuses on resource efficiency through recycled content, the use of by-products to replace natural resources, as well as increasing the energy efficiency in production processes. This sustainable approach is supported by several key performance indicators which focus on efficiency

Products: Stainless steel is long lasting, requires low maintenance and is 100% recyclable. The main raw material is recycled steel. This makes stainless steel products a solution for responsible consumption.


Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 13
Following the Paris Climate Agreement, Outokumpu further developed its target following the Sectoral Decarbonization Approach for the steel industry. Outokumpu committed to further reduce the overall emission intensity, including upstream scope 3 emissions, by 14% by 2023 against the baseline of 2014-2016 to decouple activity growth and emissions and to contribute to the 2-degree scenario by 2050.

Products: Stainless steel is needed in production of solar energy as well as in fermenter tanks of biofuel plants. The use of stainless steels in the structures of trains, trucks or cars helps to reduce weight, fuel consumption and traffic emissions compared to existing solutions.


Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 17
Outokumpu has a partnership with the UN Global Compact and gave a core business example to the SDG Industry Matrix. The success of the science based target initiative relies on participation and global partnership. In our daily work, we cooperate with our stakeholders as investors, suppliers and customers in sustainability development. Outokumpu has an extensive network of external R&D partners. The partnerships give cooperative benefits.

Products: An example from such partnership is a new battery pack specifically designed for electric vehicles.


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Jan 25, 2019