Tornio - Stainless steel

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Outokumpu’s Tornio operations is the most integrated stainless steel plant in the world. State-of-the-art technology, sophisticated equipment and unrivaled expertise produce outstanding quality year after year.


  • Black coils: Thickness range 2.5–12 mm, width range 1,000–1,600 mm.
  • White hot rolled coils, strips, sheets and plates: Finishes 1/1D, 2E. Thickness range 2.5–8 mm (1/1D), 1.8–4 mm (2E), width max. 1,600 mm.
  • Cold rolled coils, strips, sheets and plates: Finishes 2B, 2D, 3N, 4N, DB. Thickness range 0.4–6.35 mm, width range 35–1600 mm.
  • Slag products: Stainless steel slag aggregates, light mineral aggregates and filler products.

Certificates and approvals

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • AD 2000 Merkblatt WO
  • DIN EN 10088-4
  • 2014/68/EG (DE)
  • PED 2014/68/EC (EN)
  • Ubereinstimmungszertifikat (DE)
  • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

Outokumpu Stainless Oy

Terästie, 95490, Tornio, Finland
Phone: +358 16 4521
VAT: FI08233159


Outokumpu Tornio operations is Outokumpu’s biggest integrated plant and it is the only fully integrated stainless steel facility in the world. 

Tornio stainless steel operations consist of two stainless steel melt shop lines, hot rolling mill, cold rolling plant, brushing and polishing as well as slitting and cut-to-length lines. Through Outokumpu Shipping Oy, Outokumpu operates the Röyttä Harbor (the Port of Tornio), enabling convenient transport of stainless steel coils to customers and a finishing line in Terneuzen in the Netherlands. A leader in innovation, Tornio is also home to one of Outokumpu’s three R&D centers. In addition to stainless steel facilities, Outokumpu operates ferrochrome works in Tornio and the nearby Kemi Mine.

Production at Tornio focuses primarily on Outokumpu Classic family products: Moda, Core and Supra. Most of the stainless steel produced in Tornio is austenitic and ferritic. Tornio products are shipped directly to customers or used as feedstock to cold rolling plants in Germany and Outokumpu service centers around the world.

Long committed to sustainability, Outokumpu actively protects Tornio’s coastal environment. Even with steadily rising production, water quality is high and rare species of birds nest in a nearby conservation area

Stainless steel production began in Tornio in 1976 with a production capacity of 50,000 tpa (tonne per annum). A production expansion project completed in 2004 drove steel production capacity to 1.2 million tpa.


Safety trainings, access passes and essential safety and environment instructions

  1. Read Outokumpu Tornio plant Safety and Environmental training 2020
  2. Complete the Tornio Safety and environment training test here

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Access pass documents and instructions are available at the bottom of the page on “Downloads”-section and on “Access pass documents” -interleaf. The essential safety instructions are available on “Safety” -interleaf and environment instructions on “Environment” -interleaf. The instructions must be followed during the work at Outokumpu premises.


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Turvallisuuskoulutukset, kulkuluvat sekä keskeisimmät turvallisuus- ja ympäristöohjeet

Tornion tehtaat

  1. Lue Outokummun Tornion tehtaiden turvallisuus- ja ympäristökoulutusmateriaali 2020
  2. Suorita Tornion tehtaiden ympäristö- turvallisuuskoulutuksen tentti täällä

Kemin kaivos

  1. Lue Outokummun Kemin kaivosalueen turvallisuus- ja ympäristökoulutusmateriaali 2020
  2. Suorita Kemin kaivosalueen turvallisuus- ja ympäristökoulutuksen tentti täällä

Mikäli tulet työskentelemään maanalaiseen kaivokseen:

  1. Lue lisäksi Outokummun Kemin maanalaisen kaivoksen turvallisuusperehdytysmateriaali 2020
  2. Suorita lisäksi Kemin maanalaisen kaivoksen turvallisuusperehdytyksen tentti täällä

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Tornio - Stainless steel

Tornio stainless steel operations consist of two melt shop lines, a hot rolling mill, cold rolling plant, brushing and polishing as well as slitting and cut-to-length lines.


Tornio - Stainless steel

Production at Tornio focuses primarily on Outokumpu Classic family products: Moda, Core and Supra.


Key capabilities

Fully integrated supply chain

  • Stainless steel operations include two melt shops, a hot rolling mill, two cold rolling plants, brushing and polishing lines, slitting and cut-to-length lines, and outokumpu’s own harbor.

High-quality austenitics and ferritics

  • Production at tornio focuses primarily on outokumpu classic family products: moda, core and supra.

Expedited shipping

  • Direct transport of stainless steel coils to customers around the world and to a finishing line in terneuzen in the netherlands

Tornio downloads

Code of conduct for applying for service supplier/contractor access passes

Access to the Tornio plant area and Kemi Mine requires an access pass which is supplied as an ID card with a Flexim key. The ID cards are printed at the area control center of the Tornio plants and the information point at Kemi Mine.

The card is personal. Any misuse of the card, such as passing through gates using another person’s card, will result in the forfeiture of the ID card.