In 2014, Outokumpu had an Annual General Meeting and two Extraordinary General Meetings, of which in February the first was to decide upon a rights issue and another one in June on a reverse split.

Extraordinary General Meeting in June

The Extraordinary General meeting decided that the number of shares in Outokumpu be reduced without reducing the share capital by merging each twenty five (25) shares to one (1) share by means of a reverse share split. The purpose of merging the shares is to increase the value of individual shares and therefore to facilitate trade in said shares and improve the efficiency of the price setting of the share. The reverse share split shall be carried out by redeeming from every shareholder without compensation a number of shares equal to the outcome of multiplying the number of shares on each book-entry account on June 19, 2014, the date of the reverse split, by a coefficient of 24/25. In order to avoid share fractions, the number of shares redeemed from each shareholder shall be, if needed, rounded up to the nearest whole share. The number of shares shall be determined separately for each book-entry account. The redemption shall be carried out without compensation, except for the compensation paid as a result of the rounding up referred to in Chapter 15, Section 9 of the LLCA. In carrying out this procedure, no action is required on the part of the shareholders.

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