Case Slussen

  • A lock between Södermalm and the Old Town in Stockholm was in dire need of reconstruction due to aging that saw issues with the foundation, cement and rusting reinforcements.
  • Built in the 1930s as a traffic junction overpassing the place where the Baltic Sea meets Lake Mälaren, Slussen is being remade to meet today’s needs.
  • Outokumpu has supplied 1.4162 and 1.4362 rebar to support the lock, quays and embankment structures under construction.

Separating seas, connecting Stockholm

Courtney TenzCourtesy of Skanska and Steve Jones

An archipelago of islands, the city of Stockholm is surrounded by water. Connecting two of those islands – Södermalm and the Old Town – is Slussen, an area that was created in the 17th century as a lock. Originally built as a means for easing navigation between the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren, Slussen is currently undergoing an upgrade by the city of Stockholm.

Rebuilt at least four times over the centuries, the area is home to Sweden’s second largest transportation hub. The reconstruction currently being undertaken is a complete redevelopment as the lock will be modernized as it is built anew. The most recent incantation of the lock, built in the 1930s, no longer suits the needs of a modern city. What was planned as a traffic junction atop the lock now sees over 486,000 travelers pass over it every day. Problems with the foundations as well as rusting reinforcements and crumbling cement made it clear that the Slussen lock and the area surrounding it needed reconstruction to better serve the community.

Rethinking Slussen: Planned as a meeting point

The redesign and new planning of the area responds to modern needs. The modernization of the lock along with the reconstruction of the quays and embankments is one of several projects by Skanska Construction.

After it is completed, the new lock will safeguard Stockholm’s drinking water supply from Lake Mälaren for the future. The Slussen area will become a central meeting point for residents, housing glass-facaded buildings that appear inviting to passersby and a plaza that can serve as a public meeting area. A new bus terminal and rethought means of transportation – both on land and via boat – will give more space to all means of traffic, including bicycles and pedestrians.

Locks, quays and bridges on the agenda

Even with advanced technology, constructing a lock where salt water and fresh water meet is never an easy undertaking. Skanska Construction took on the building of a new lock system and upgrades to the quays and embankments as one of several of the 25 sub-projects comprising the Slussen reconstruction. They’ll also be working on a main bridge over Söderström, drainage openings and other engineering structures that go into the overall remaking of the area in central Stockholm. The Slussen rebuilding project is owned and managed by the City of Stockholm.

For use in the quays and embankment upgrades, Skanska has thus far ordered Outokumpu rebar in the 1.4162 and 1.4362 grades. “Stainless steel was specified as a material by our customer,” said Maria Lindström, Head of Communications on the Slussen project for Skanska. “This is one of the largest amounts of stainless steel rebars used for one project by Skanska Sweden ever.”

The rebar is a reliable stainless steel support recommended for use in coastal barrier construction and bridges to offer unprecedented long-lasting support in areas where corrosion due to chloride is a risk. With reduced maintenance necessary, this stainless steel rebar will prove to be of longer-lasting support, giving it price advantages over the long term.

While the project is still ongoing, the need for further rebar is clear, as the project is still several years out from completion.


Case facts


Rebuild lock and quays in an area where fresh and salt water meet to respond to increased traffic demands and modern needs.


Stainless steel rebar offers extraordinary corrosion protection that lasts a lifetime; using the rebar in the lock and bridge structures will offer strong support with low maintenance for decades.


Outokumpu has already supplied Skanska Construction with rebar in the 1.4162 and 1.4362 grades, with many more anticipated for delivery.

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