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  • Quality, not quantity, that is what Berenpas Aerospace is all about. This small company produces a variety of fittings, quick couplings and hose assemblies for a wide range of industries, from aviation to food production
  • With their dependable high quality, Outokumpu Prodec bars are among most reliable
  • Located in Goor, the Netherlands

Only the very best materials

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Some sixty years ago, Ate Berenpas’ father and mother started the company, trading bicycles, mopeds and motor cycles. About thirty years ago Ate Berenpas, who trained as a mechanical technician, took over the company. Berenpas employs four full time staff.

Speedy business

Berenpas Aerospace delivers products such as fittings, quick disconnect couplings and hose assemblies for immensely diverse ends, ranging from the army, aviation, classic cars, modern race cars and motorbikes to medical and food applications. “For major airline companies, for example, we produce Aerospace ground operation oil line couplings and oil hoses. For classic Ferraris we make brake, hose and fuel hoses, as well as parts for crankshafts and car valves. Well, what not, really?” The company works for companies and for private owners around the world. It also produces brake and fuel system components for a F1 team and Honda and Yamaha superbikes.

Berenpas is in a rush to share his story, because any moment the phone can ring and he will head straight out to the customer to look at the question on hand. “Just now someone rang to ask about a Russian clutch. He was not sure what it was, but he asked if we can reproduce it. So I am going over there to have a look.” Berenpas prides himself in the ability to produce clutches and fittings in any size or material at short notice.

Consistent quality

“We started to work with the round stainless steel Prodec bars about two years ago now. The material was brought to my attention by the IMS group, exclusive distributor of Prodec in the Benelux and most of the other European countries.” They handed Berenpas lots of documents, detailing recommended revs and cutting speed data and such. He was a bit skeptical at first, because 99% of his products are tailor-made and produced in-house, ranging from single pieces to quantities no larger than 50 to 80 pieces. So, the general rule of thumb does not apply to his company. “But we tried their suggestions and they worked. We can increase the speed, it is easier to treat its surface, it offers perfect chip control.”

Always in stock

“However, what matters most to me is the reliability, the predictability even, of the consistently high quality of Prodec. Now I wouldn’t work with anything else. I would never settle for a lesser material. Out of the question.” Since Berenpas never knows what he will produce tomorrow, he always has a considerable stock of Prodec bars, in all different sizes. “I can definitely see us using more and more of this high quality material in the future.”


Case facts


Berenpas Aerospace delivers to high-end clients, expecting nothing but the very best. Industries as varied as aviation, motorsports, medical and food applications, rely hugely on the quality, safety and stability of the parts they require.


Outokumpu Prodec bars enable higher production speeds, offer perfect chip control and dito surface handling, but most important, to Berenpas, is that he can rely on the consistently high quality of Prodec.


Steel grade: Outokumpu Prodec
Steel form: Round bar

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