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The most recycled material in the world

Any item made of stainless steel, from a kitchen countertop to the cladding of a building, remains 100% recyclable after decades of service and it can be recycled over and over again. Today, the recyclability is being put to the test as about 82% of stainless steel is recycled at the end of its life. In Outokumpu’s manufacturing operations, the average recycled content for all stainless steel products produced by Group is 85–90% – significantly higher than the global industry average of 60%!

This promotes sustainability and ensures that the environmental impacts from the production of stainless steel are minimised. Add long life and low maintenance costs to this characteristics, and you can see why stainless steel is the material of the future.

Recovery rates of materials

  • Stainless steel 82%
  • Aluminum 75%
  • Paper 70.4%
  • Plastic 29.7%


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May 24, 2018