Prodec machining tests gave three times longer tool life

Outokumpu Prodec showed its superior capabilities in a recent tool-life test, which was also demonstrated to customers on a video in the Machining Day event in October. See the test video and video from the event below.

To demonstrate the capabilities of Prodec 316L/4404, a tool life-time test was done at a machine shop CNC Ayden in South Germany. Tests started with a standard stainless steel bar which was compared against Prodec 316L/4404. The stainless steel bar is machined in the test with high speed 280 m/minute until the insert is worn out.

The results showed evidence of Prodec giving 350% longer tool life-time to the inserts. Three select customers were invited to attend the testing on-site. The test was also recorded on video and showed on the following day at the IMS Machining Day event.

Prodec Machining Day for the third time in Europe

Outokumpu Long Products and IMS Germany held a joint Machining Day in October to showcase Prodec superior machinable bars.

The event collected about 45 machine shop owners, technical directors and machine users interested in machining from close surroundings of Trossingen, where the event took place. Outokumpu presented the Prodec offering and its benefits from technical point of view as well as showcased the Prodec machining test to the audience.

Watch a short summary of the testing video made at CNC Ayden at Trossingen below.

If you are interested in watching the full testing video, please sign up here.

Watch event video from IMS Machining Day.

Outokumpu Prodec stainless steel grades are optimized for consistently superior machinability, enabling faster machining speed, longer tool life and enhanced quality.

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IMS group is our exclusive distributor for Prodec in Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Sales inquiries in South Germany Ringo Klein.

Published Dec 04, 2018