Outokumpu contributes to several United Nations’ sustainable development goals either through the way we operate or through our products.
Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 3

3. Working at Outokumpu is characterized by taking care of yourself and others. Several health prevention measures were organized locally during 2018. They include ultrasonic testing, glaucoma tests, skin carcinoma screening, supporting exercises and influenza immunization. Mental health awareness was promoted as part of a first line manager training program. Young people are trained on the impacts of shift work, office workplaces, drugs and the prevention of addiction.

Products: Outokumpu's stainless is used for medical devices, implants and for hygienic reasons. It is a backbone for people's health; its inert behavior support safe nutrition used in food contact materials.



Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 7 

7. Outokumpu follows sustainable energy supply practices to gain a secure energy supply with stable and competitive prices. We participate in low carbon power plant technologies such as hydropower, wind mills or nuclear power plants. Process gas from our ferrochrome production site in Tornio, Finland, is used in other own production furnaces.

Products: Stainless steels are used, for instance, in desulfurization equipment of waste gas from conventional power plants and in high temperature power plants, solar farms and biofuel plants.



Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 12


12. Outokumpu’s business is based on recycling and is a part of the circular economy. The company focuses on resource efficiency through recycled content, the use of by-products to replace natural resources, as well as increasing the energy efficiency in production processes. This sustainable approach is supported by several key performance indicators which focus on efficiency.

Products: Stainless steel is long lasting, requires low maintenance and is 100% recyclable. The main raw material is recycled steel. This makes stainless steel products a solution for responsible consumption.



Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 13


13. Approach for the steel industry. Outokumpu committed to further reduce the overall emission intensity, including upstream scope 3 emissions, by 14% by 2023 against the baseline of 2014–2016 to decouple activity growth and emissions and to contribute to the 2-degree scenario by 2050.

Products: Stainless steel is needed in production of solar energy as well as in fermenter tanks of biofuel plants. The use of stainless steels in the structures of trains, trucks or cars helps to reduce weight, fuel consumption and traffic emissions compared to existing solutions.



Outokumpu UN Sustainable development goals - 17


17. Outokumpu has a partnership with the UN Global Compact and gave a core business example to the SDG Industry Matrix. The success of the science based target initiative relies on participation and global partnership. In our daily work, we cooperate with our stakeholders as investors, suppliers and customers in sustainability development. Outokumpu has an extensive network of external R&D partners. The partnerships give cooperative benefits.

Products:An example from such partnership is a new battery pack specifically designed for electric vehicles.