Outokumpu has published three important handbooks. These handbooks are the result of decades of Outokumpu research and experience from diverse projects around the world.

The Outokumpu Handbook of Stainless Steel

This newest handbook answers to the need of providing basic and readable information about use of stainless steel in increasing number of applications. Handbook includes introduction to commodity stainless steel grades and the most common specialty stainless steels, giving a broad view of the properties of different types of stainless steels, their production and physical metallurgy, applications of stainless steels and fabrication techniques.

The handbook also reflects the rapidly increasing use of stainless steels in load bearing constructions, such
as bridges and buildings, where the low maintenance costs, high recycling ratio and thus low environmental impact and carbon footprint contributes to a sustainable society.

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The Outokumpu Corrosion Handbook

The Outokumpu Corrosion Handbook, published for the first time in 1934, addresses the full scale of corrosion related issues with extensive articles and technical descriptions covering different industrial sectors. The recently updated handbook contains a wealth of data about the relatively new duplex family of low-nickel stainless steels and the rich variety of new products and applications.

Also included are special focus on industries with demanding applications such as desalination, pulp and paper and oil and gas industry. Also discussed are stainless steels in food processing, catering and household appliances, stainless steels in soil, in road environments and in swimming pool buildings, as well as stainless steels as concrete reinforcement. Overall, the information should be come in handy for anyone seeking answers to corrosion issues– designers, engineers, metallurgists and other specialists.

View corrosion tables online
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The Outokumpu Welding Handbook

The Outokumpu Welding Handbook aims to contribute to existing knowledge on welding and offer hands-on advice on welding methods and processes together with design in which stainless steel is the base. The handbook also discusses appropriate filler material and post-weld treatments, as well as provides information about the impact of welding on the overall properties of the construction.

Björn Holmberg, Senior Technology Adviser, from Outokumpu's Avesta Research Center says: "Our ambition is to provide a comprehensive picture of all welding-related areas. We hope to provide answers to fundamental questions about the welding of our stainless steel – whether the reader is an architect, designer, welder or inspector – as the interest of all is to produce and deliver a good fit for purpose construction."

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Sep 19, 2018