Protecting the climate

Mitigating climate change with stainless steel

Outokumpu is committed to the Science Based Targets initiative and reducing CO2 emissions even further. Constantly improving sustainable solutions are needed for mitigating climate change, and stainless steel is an excellent material for its recyclability, durability, and low carbon footprint.

The lowest carbon footprint in the industry

Global megatrends such as population growth, accelerating mobility and urbanization have resulted in increasing carbon emissions and climate change. Stainless steel can help to build solutions for a more sustainable world.

Outokumpu’s carbon footprint is less than 30% of the global industry average. Key reasons are for our low carbon footprint are our own ferrochrome, high recycled content and the use of low carbon electricity. 

Outokumpu helps its customers develop solutions that reduce climate burden by means of the right material choices. On an annual level, our clients are able to reduce their carbon footprint by 8 million tons. Outokumpu publishes environmental product declarations (EPDs) on its main products using life cycle inventory data. This means our customers are able to calculate the sustainability performance of their product life cycles. 


Striving for increased energy efficiency

We work continuously to reduce our carbon profile. We are determined to make our operations more energy efficient also by maximizing the use of electricity with a low carbon footprint in our operations. Increasing the recycled content of our products and improving resource efficiency contribute to constantly lower CO2 emissions. Outokumpu develops its carbon neutral roadmap in all our operations to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. We are already on track to meet targeted reduction of 20% by 2023.