We are continuously seeking ways to further improve our efficiency and to minimize our environmental impacts.

Outokumpu operates in a material and energy intensive industry. Improved environmental efficiency at Outokumpu is based on long-term efforts and continual improvement. We are constantly moving towards more sustainable operations both by improving existing processes and by developing completely new ways of working in a more environmentally efficient way.

During the last 15 years, Outokumpu has invested more than EUR 450 million in environmental protection, mainly related to projects to improve energy efficiency and to reduce waste to landfill. We have certified environment management systems and we implement continuous improvements in all production units to ensure compliance with all standard and regulations.


Best Available Technology (BAT)

One of Outokumpu’s operating principles is to use best available techniques (BAT) to reduce emissions and minimize harmful environmental impacts that could result from the Group’s operations. In this context, BAT means the best available pollution prevention technology from both technical and economic perspectives. Outokumpu is also an active participant in the process of updating the reference documents (BREFs), which specify related technologies, helping to set the high standards applicable within the European Union.


Active participation

Outokumpu is a part of international associations such as ISSF and Euro Inox. Active involvement in national research programs, European R&D projects. Education programs and thesis work are part of our systematic approach. Outokumpu supports students and researchers through two foundations: the Outokumpu Stainless Research Foundation and the Foundation of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers.