Case RvP Engineering

  • RvP Engineering is a small, family-owned company, using CNC rotary, drilling and milling techniques to supply many different products, both single pieces and small serial work
  • Outokumpu Prodec bars have demonstrated consistent quality, enabling faster automated turning for a competitive price, and clients appreciate the certificates that are easily provided
  • Located in The Hague, the Netherlands

Faster automated turning for a competitive price

Marieke van GesselCourtesy of RvP Engineering and Outokumpu

Eighteen years ago, Ronald van Putt started his own engineering company at an industrial estate in the South-West of The Hague, the Netherlands. His wife and son Raymond also work at RvP Engineering, along with two employees. Quite a lot of machining companies in the Netherlands tend to be family businesses. “I guess that is because training to become a metalworker is not a very common thing anymore. You only hear about it from friends or family,” Raymond van Putt explains. His family’s company has mostly regional clients, a lot of them on a long term basis. Next to all kinds of metals it also works with plastics. “We deliver a wide range of products, from cap units to casing units, for industries ranging from the petrochemical to the agricultural sector.”

Drilling treatments

Van Putt originally came in contact with Prodec via the IMS group, exclusive distributor of Prodec in the Benelux and most of the other European countries. That was about a year ago. “IMS gave us spread sheets with cutting speeds and such, but we experimented and deviated a bit, because as a small business we always strive for the best possible conditions for particular orders. Sometimes we could cut and turn a bit faster than the spread sheets indicated, sometimes a bit slower. But we are very satisfied with the consistent quality and the ability to use faster, automated production methods thanks to the Prodec bars. They are especially useful for the products we produce in larger quantities, being suitable for high machinability and many kinds of drilling treatments.”

Competitive price

Even though Prodec is slightly more costly than other, comparable materials, its high quality and high machinability make it possible to deliver products for a competitive price. “Our clients want the best possible price, which we can offer them by using Prodec. With Prodec we have a good grip on the production process, which is faster and more consistent than with the other, slightly cheaper materials. We never come to a standstill, because of its consistent quality.” 

Direct lines

RvP Engineering has an extremely diverse clientele, making flexibility essential, not only with metals such as brass but with plastics as well. “Nowadays, stainless steel is very much in demand,” Van Putt says. He expects to be using more and more Prodec. “We have not yet had the opportunity to experiment much with milling Prodec bars, but it is only a matter of time before we will. Our experiences with turning them is very positive. Apart from that we are very satisfied that we have pretty direct lines with the company. We never have huge quantities in stock, but IMS is able to deliver within two to three days, and, even more importantly, our clients value the certificates which we find very easy to obtain.”


From left to right: Raymond van Putt, Ronald van Putt, and Timothy Scheurwater

Case facts


For a small company producing a wide range of products, such as RvP Engineering, it is of the utmost importance to be able to use trustworthy, high-quality materials at a competitive price to meet the demands of their long-term customers.


High machinability Outokumpu Prodec bars guarantee a steady and faster automated way production, with customers appreciating the competitive price and the provided certificates.


Steel grade: Outokumpu Prodec
Steel form: Bar, both round and hexagon

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