Case racecar trailer

  • Pure Performance Factory (PPF) is a world-renowned tuner of racecars
  • PPF’s luxury racecar trailer is lined with Outokumpu Supra stainless steel
  • Located in Avesta, Sweden

From grease to glamour

Silja KudelEmelie AsplundWhen you step inside a racecar trailer, the last thing you expect to find is an interior worthy of a design magazine. But Pure Performance Factory’s custom-built beauty reveals an immaculate finish that many would wish for in their own kitchens.

Avesta-based Pure Performance Factory (PPF) has been tuning prize-winning drag and street racecars for nearly a decade, winning a fan base around the world. PPF’s automotive creations have garnered rave reviews in more than 30 international trade magazines.

Lap of luxury

Famous for its eye-catching tuning work, PPF wanted a trailer to match the luxurious look of the car transported inside. Outokumpu’s Nordic Service Center in Eskilstuna provided PPF with support in converting an old trailer into a mobile workshop for a Pro-Modified turbo-charged Chevrolet Chevelle ‘69.

The optimum finish selected for the workshop interior is a high-performance stainless steel grade from Outokumpu, austenitic Supra 316plus. Thanks to its high chromium content, Supra 316plus delivers a combination of high strength, corrosion resistance and eye appeal, making it the perfect choice for demanding architectural applications such as façades.

Head-turning style

The trailer turned heads at its debut at the FIA European Drag Racing Championships at Sweden’s Tierp Arena in August 2015. And small wonder: from floor to ceiling, the surfaces look so flawlessly clean that you could virtually eat off them. “Most trailers aren’t built with the same finish as a regular kitchen. Ours is,” says PPF President Andreas Bäckström. “Supra 316plus makes a clear statement: it’s a high-performance material for a high-performance application.”

Case facts


Pure Performance Factory wanted their trailer’s mobile workshop to have the same high-end appearance to match the image of their tuned racecars. 


Austenitic Outokumpu Supra stainless steel offers the ideal combination of durability, corrosion resistance and an inspiring design for a racecar trailer that makes a bold style statement. 


Steel grade: Outokumpu Supra 316plus

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