Building & infrastructure Stainless steel for façades

Building façade material selection is critically important. The material must be visually appealing, low maintenance and impervious to weather and pollution. Corrosion resistant and aesthetically versatile, stainless steel shakes off those challenges easily.
With a proud history of innovation – austenitic stainless steel in New York’s 1930 Chrysler building was produced from a formula patented by Outokumpu – we have unique insights into this highly versatile material. Products from the Supra and Forta ranges in coil and strip, sheet and plate, wire rod, and our variety of special surfaces from the Deco range are well suited to nearly any façade treatment. Innovative, attractive surfaces and designs add uncommon luster.
Fully recyclable – most grades use nearly 90% recycled steel content – stainless steel is an increasingly popular choice for LEED-certified green building projects.

Benefits of using stainless steel in façades


  • Innovative exterior cladding
  • Frame structures for canopies and balconies
  • Glass façade frame structures
  • Nets in varying thicknesses for supplementary structures and balustrades


  • Long lifespan and low life-cycle costs
  • The sustainable choice: Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) available for all product forms
  • Wide range of aesthetically pleasing surfaces
  • Finishes that can improve a building’s solar reflective index and energy absorption


  • Optimized production; reliable supply chain
  • Material selection advice and comprehensive laboratory and field testing
  • Materials testing and customized solutions


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