Energy efficiency

Striving for increased energy efficiency

We work continuously to make our operations more energy and material efficient.

We work continuously to reduce our carbon profile. We are determined to make our operations more energy efficient by maximizing the use of electricity with a low carbon footprint in our operations. Increasing the recycled content of our products and improving resource efficiency contribute to constantly lower CO2 emissions.

Stainless steel production is energy intensive. The keys to reducing our carbon emissions are to increase our energy efficiency and the use of low carbon energy sources.

Outokumpu's approach to energy efficiency is long term, and the target is a continuous improvement of a 0.5% reduction yearly. The largest energy-saving potential lies in the use of process gas or CO gas from ferrochrome production, the recovery of waste heat, improved process integration and improved efficiency in using raw materials.

In all new investments or replacement investments, energy efficiency is improved and energy saving is a target. We also systematically monitor and analyse energy consumption. Over a ten-year period 2010-2020, our improvement of energy efficiency calculated as a sum of different process steps was 7% compared to the baseline 2007–2009.

Outokumpu's production sites use a range of energy sources, such as natural gas, propane, heavy fuel oil and electricity. Outokumpu participates in low-carbon energy programs in nuclear power, wind power, combined heat and power and LNG. In 2020, approximately 76% of electricity came from renewable and low-carbon sources.