Outokumpu Forta range H-Serie

Outokumpu’s Forta H-Series is a family of ultra high strength steel grades and a new product in Outokumpu’s Forta range. The base material is Forta H500 and, depending on the degree of cold rolling, the Outokumpu grades Forta H800 and Forta H1000 can be derived.

The Forta H-Series is alloyed with manganese and chromium and is fully austenitic with a special hardening mechanism for cold forming. It does not contain nickel. The Forta H-Series is a new product in Outokumpu’s Forta range, grouping high strength materials.

The Forta H-Series is intended for the use in automotive and transportation applications, especially in crash-relevant structural components, complex part geometries or components in or in the periphery of electric engines.

Due to its well-balanced chemical composition, the Forta H-Series combines a high yield strength and an excellent formability, what results in a high energy absorption and therefore also in a high lightweight construction potential.

The new high-performance Forta H-Series offers extensive opportunities for use in automotive engineering thanks to its fully developed combination of mechanical properties and individual forming characteristics.

Being fully austenitic with a strain hardening occurring only via twinning, the Forta H-Series is fully austenitic and therefore non-magnetizable.

With a relatively low chromium content and a high content of manganese, the Forta H-Series has a corrosion resistance that is sufficient for interior applications and mixed constructions. In exterior applications with a risk for humidity and chloride contact, the Forta H-Series needs to be protected with a cathodic dip coating, but a surface refinement like a zinc coating is not necessary in delivery condition. In addition, the low electrochemical potential prevents galvanic corrosion with carbon steels in multimaterial construction.

The absence of nickel results in a high price stability.

Outokumpu offers the Forta H-Series as cold rolled coil with thicknesses ranging between 0.5 and 4.0 mm and widths up to 1,250 mm. Hot rolled material is available in thicknesses up to 12 mm upon request.

Compared with aluminum and carbon steel, the new Forta H-Series contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions over its total lifecycle. Less material thickness leads to 30-40 % less energy consumption in production. Low weight results in lower fuel consumption and in a decrease in CO2 emissions per kilometer.

Key benefits of Outokumpu’s Forta H-Series

High energy absorption

The materials of the Forta H-Series combine a high strength and an excellent formability, leading to a high energy absorption and crash potential also in welded areas and therefore increasing the passenger safety.

High lightweight potential

Due to its excellent formability, the Forta H-Series allows the fabrication of complex part geometries. This advantage can be used in the design of highly stiff components with reduced wall thickness or part integration, leading to a reduction in component weight and costs.


Due to its fully austenitic microstructure the Forta H-Series is non-magnetizable and, in addition to this, it shows off a high strength at temperatures up to 300°C. Therefore, it can be used in electric engines, leading to an increased efficiency.


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