Acerca de Outokumpu

Por siempre inoxidable

Ahora más que nunca, hay una fuerte necesidad de soluciones sostenibles y duraderas que soporten el paso del tiempo y que puedan reciclarse y utilizarse una y otra vez, existe la necesidad del acero inoxidable.

We are our people, our expertise and our legacy

Nuestra historia se remonta a la invención del acero inoxidable: Outokumpu desarrolló los primeros grados austeníticos, martensíticos y dúplex.

Our history

Our strategy

How we are organized

Outokumpu is organized into four business areas – Europe, Americas, Long Products and Ferrochrome. We employ 10,000 professionals in more than 30 countries, with our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

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Leadership and Board

Meet the members of the Outokumpu Leadership Team and Board of Directors.

Equipo Directivo

Board of Directors

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Working toward a world that lasts forever

Sustainability is at the heart of our operations and for us that means working toward long-term solutions that ecological, economical and socially responsible.

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