Business area Europe, coil service center

Outokumpu’s Bátonyterenye Coil Service Center’s strength is in its sheer size. With a flexible production plan and broad stock availability, Bátonyterenye is ideally positioned to react rapidly to customer requests.

Services we offer

  • Slitting
  • Cut-to-length
  • Polishing/brushing 

Certificates and approvals

  • ISO 9001 
  • OHSAS 18001

Outokumpu Distribution Hungary Kft.

Hatvani út 2, Bátonyterenye, Hungary
P.O. Box 15, 3078 Bátonyterenye, Hungary
Phone: +36 32 418 300
Fax: +36 32 418 290
E-mail: sales.hungary@outokumpu.com
VAT: HU11200589

Performing slitting, cut-to-length and polishing services, Outokumpu Bátonyterenye works primarily with austenitic and ferritic stainless steels. Martensitic and duplex materials are also available through Outokumpu’s network of mills and service centers.

The Hungarian service center offers a tailored, flexible approach to deliver customized quality. Bátonyterenye’s sheet polishing process offers more than 10 surface options for use in highly demanding industries, including automotive, tanks, heat exchangers and domestic appliances. Surfaces are also tailor-made to precise customer requirements. 

PVC surface coatings are used to protect finished materials. Laser-cut, deep drawing and laser fiber foil are available to shield surfaces until products reach the end user.


Key capabilities

Technical expertise

  • Personalized guidance in material selection and customized production

Flexible response

  • Short lead times and wide stock availability fast track solutions

Precision polishing

  • A wide range of finishes, including 2G Ground and 2J Brushed, with surface coatings, protect products until they reach the end user