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To accommodate a move to lean production of its anchorage points, ABS Safety needed a stainless steel provider who delivered a consistent, secure quality product. Previously, buying in from a variety of suppliers meant that the quality and material composition of the stainless steel bar was not constant; recalibrating machines to fit each new delivery ate into production time.


Optimized for superior machinability, Prodec bar has provided an ideal solution for ABS Safety since 2017. With an end-to-end production chain, Outokumpu’s Prodec product line maintains a consistent quality in terms of its mechanical properties, chemical composition and dimensional tolerances, which has saved ABS Safety the production time previously lost due to frequently adjusting machine parameters.


Outokumpu supplies ABS on a Just in Time basis with stainless steel bar, cold drawn in Outokumpu Prodec quality Ø 16 mm x L = 6000 mm, designation 1.4301/1.4307 in h9 tolerance with some specific requirements.

Consistency is key to ABS Safety’s production security

Having someone there to catch you when you fall is a cliché that we don’t often take literally. At ABS Safety, however, fall protection and personal safety is the name of the game. The manufacturing of lifeline systems is serious business at this family-run company. As experts in the development and installation of modern systems for fall protection, ABS Safety is one of Germany’s leading providers of roping and fall protection systems. They manufacture safety hooks for personal fall protection along with personal anchor points for use in a variety of applications: for roofing, on windows and façades, inside machinery and maintenance halls.

The company recently shifted production into a larger factory and as a result have moved toward lean production – a concept which, for the production of their anchorage points, requires the manufacture of two components simultaneously. Comprised of both a base plate and a bar, the anchorage points are welded together after production. To keep downtimes to a minimum and to prevent the repeated recalibration of machines, ABS Safety shifted to the Outokumpu Prodec line as it provides a constant, secure source of material with a quality that is consistent and reliable.

“Prodec is simply the best,” says Theo van der Zanden, Central European Senior Sales Manager at Outokumpu and responsible for Prodec European market penetration. “Prodec bar is a very constant product when it comes to its tolerances and diameters as well as its mechanical properties and chemical composition.”


Reduced process time and production costs

That consistency was important for ABS Safety, where the demands of lean production require a secure planning of resources. Although Prodec carries a higher cost, the extra costs are balanced out with a reduction in machining downtime and through the enhanced ability to plan with a reliable product. “There is a proven 50% reduction in production costs,” says van der Zanden.

“The most serious issue we were facing when we made the decision to go with Prodec lay in bringing security to our production processes,” said Daniel Stassen, Product management purchasing division at ABS Safety.

That security, Stassen notes, is won by being able to rely on a consistent product, which in turn increases tool lifetime. With a predictable tool lifetime, ABS Safety can better predict when tools should be replaced and do so before a machine breakdown occurs – reducing total process time slightly.

“We’re happy with our decision to work with Outokumpu and Prodec, as it has definitely brought more security to our production.”

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