Case MyZeil shopping mall

Leslie McManus


Vast amounts of natural light are a top priority at a nearly transparent landmark work of architecture.


Panels formed from Outokumpu’s Core austenitic stainless steel. BA/2R finish reflect the beauty of nature without dragging down design.


Steel grade: Outokumpu Core 304/4301 stainless steel
Surface finish: BA/2R

Capturing the energy of light

Famed Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas had a clear vision for the MyZeil Shopping Mall in Frankfurt, Germany. The complex would be wrapped in a sculptural glass façade designed to flood the interior with natural light. One exterior face of the building features a dramatic void. Resembling an enormous vortex, it seems to draw the building’s transparent exterior façade into the heart of the building.

Indeed, the interior shines with light and energy. To maximize that sense of transparency, portions of the building’s interior façade are clad with reflective stainless steel. A natural choice for a unique application, stainless steel is both light and beautiful.


Designed with a light touch

Opened in 2009, the 77,000-square meter MyZeil is located in the Palais Quartier, one of Germany’s most important shopping destinations. The building houses shops, leisure spaces, children’s areas, restaurants, fitness center and parking – all of it bathed in natural light. Its elegant design suggests that the light is generated internally, and that’s not far from the truth.

The interior façade is made entirely of shimmering stainless steel elements supplied by Outokumpu’s Krefeld and Dillenburg plants. Panels of reflective stainless steel cover the mall’s interior façade. In total, 15 tonnes of Core 304/4301 austenitic stainless steel in a BA/2R finish was used to create polygonal wall elements for the wall paneling. The elements were then attached with invisible fasteners.


Uniquely durable versatility

The beauty of stainless steel goes well beyond aesthetic appeal. The stainless steel panels used in MyZeil offer exceptional quality and corrosion resistance. And that’s an important characteristic in a building where the interior façade spans four floors.

Requiring little if any maintenance, stainless steel reduces facility’s life-cycle costs. Delivering impressive strength with less volume, stainless steel allows designers to do more with less, reducing weight and costs. And that’s the kind of versatility that makes stainless steel shine.

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