Do you want to write your Master Thesis at Outokumpu?

Master Thesis on Stainless Steel

Are you at the end of your studies and want to contribute to a more sustainable future? Take a look at our opportunity – write your Master thesis at Outokumpu, the world-leader of sustainable stainless steel. We give you opportunity to take responsibility and contribute with your skills. We give you the opportunity to grow and develop within a global world.

We are looking for a Master’s Thesis Worker for our Research & Development department in Avesta, Sweden. In this role, you will run a research project on one of the mentioned topics below. The role is based in Outokumpu R&D and will run over approximately 6 months, from Q3 2022 until end of 2022.


Available master thesis topics:

  • 3D characterization of duplex microstructure with EBSD. Explore different ways to represent the duplex microstructure in an attempt to find a stronger correlation with mechanical properties than, the often used, austenite spacing. The connection with texture can also be a part of this work.
  • Continues cooling transformation curves (CCT-diagrams) for high alloyed duplex stainless steels. This project focus on the influence of structure size and cooling rate on intermetallic phase precipitation. This is relevant for different thicknesses of final duplex products. Evaluation will be with both metallographic methods and impact toughness which normally is sensitive for microstructural changes. Experimental work will be performed using a GLEEBLE system. This project could very well be combined with the project to avoid the 475°C embrittlement (see below).
  • Critical cooling rate to avoid the 475 °C embrittlement in duplex stainless steel. Explore the influence of different cooling rates on the impact toughness of duplex stainless steels by using a GLEEBLE system. The cooling rates can then be compared with calculated cooling rates for plate and bar in STEELTEMP®. This project could very well be combined the with CCT-project (see above) if high alloyed duplex is considered but low alloyed duplex could also be one focus in this project.
  • Low temperature HAZ impact toughness of duplex stainless steel. Measure the heat-affected zone toughness in a consistently and adequate way to be able to determine the HAZ toughness of duplex stainless steel weldments of different grades. Also includes the use of EBSD to characterize the microstructure of HAZ.
  • Short time TTT diagram for Ni-base grades: Highly alloyed stainless steels and Ni-base alloys are prone to precipitation of detrimental phases at elevated temperatures. To ensure good processability of these grades in our mills, knowledge is needed on the precipitation behavior of these grades at short times. The aim of the present master thesis is to construct TTT diagram for newly introduced alloys and to compare their precipitation behavior with simulated TTT diagrams of the same alloys. A comprehensive description on how to perform the simulations is also included. Also some cooling experiments could be included. (Could be performed by two students in a team)
  • Investigation of creep and stress relaxation behavior at room temperature: This project will investigate the viscoelastic properties of different grades in creep and stress relaxation situations. The study will focus on two different grade groups; duplex stainless steels as well as high strength carbon steels for gear applications. Research questions include the influence of process route on creep and stress relaxation properties of duplex grades. For carbon steel the influence of retained austenite content as well as different hardening mechanisms will be investigated.
  • Effects of stabilization and stabilization annealing: Exploring the effect of stabilization annealing of highly alloyed austenitic stainless steels. Including, corrosion testing, mechanical testing and metallographic characterization.


Qualifications needed:

  • Candidate is expected to be in his/her final year of Master study preferably in the fields of Materials Science/Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Chemical Engineering or equivalent
  • Fluent in English, both oral and written text. Master thesis report should be written in English
  • Candidate is expected to have a general interest in research and specifically in stainless steel
  • Driven individual with the ability to work independently with a focus on problem-solving
  • Strong attention to safety


This role is based in Avesta, Sweden. There is also designated accommodation for our thesis worker, available from beginning to end of the project.

Does it compare to your interests? Please justify in your application which of the research topics you would like to investigate and provide an essay/text you have written in English. We also accept applications for you who will write your thesis in spring 2023. Submit your application and CV in English on our website before 31th of May. We are conducting interviews continuously and hope to see your application soon!

For more information about the position please contact Paul Janiak, R&D Manager Design & Fabrication on phone +46 700 88 12 67 or email You can also contact Marcus Lorén, R&D Manager Physical Process Metallurgy on phone +46 700 88 21 41 or email 

For questions about the recruitment process, please contact Julia Enström, HR Specialist Recruiter via e-mail at


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