Gustavo Fernando Zárate

Garza, Mexico

What do you do at Outokumpu?

I am the Accounting and Finance Manager, in charge of the accounting, treasury, costs, taxes, risk management and collecting functions.

How has your career progressed?

I started my career at Mexinox over 6 years ago as transfer pricing specialist, afterwards I had the chance to work on the financial statements consolidation function becoming later the accounting and costs and projects coordinator and finally since 8 months ago I am the Finance and Accounting Manager.

What do you enjoy the most in your job?

To live in a continuous changing environment both internal and external, that, has given me the chance to grow and to participate in different activities, as well as to meet people from all around the world and the company.

What do you like about Outokumpu?

I like the company because I think it and its board members are having the courage of taking the correct measures even though they may be tough at the beginning in order to become profitable. I greatly appreciate the company vision we are working towards, that is joining two different groups of people and cultures that will become one altogether, to ensure the final goal, that is, to become a global leader in its industry.

What does Outokumpu's new vision of a world that lasts forever mean to you?

It means that together we are part of an industry that coming from our past is building a new future, we, more than any other company in the stainless steel industry know that our materials are 90% recyclable and when its life cycles comes to an end, we will again recycle them and they will reborn in a new product, that is our vision, going through changes and reborn refresh and renewed focusing on lasting forever in a sustainable environment.

Anything else you would like to tell a possible future colleague about working at Outokumpu?

Our product is the most innovative in the world, so even though the world changes, stainless Steel will still be there, meaning that even through changes the future is here at Outokumpu, so if you want to be part of this exciting journey do not hesitate and join Outokumpu.


About Gustavo Fernando Zárate Garza

Name: Gustavo Fernando Zárate Garza
Country of origin: México
Current position: Accounting and Finance Manager
Current office:  Mexinox, San Luis Potosí, Mexico