​Dr. Helena Alves,


What do you do at Outokumpu?

I am working as a Head of the Sales Division for Chemical Process Industry. 

How has your career progressed?

I obtained my Diploma on Chemical Engineering in Lisbon and my PhD on „Nanocrystalline Nickel Alloy“ at the University of Dortmund in 1998. During the PhD I worked as scientific assistant on the field of Materials and Corrosion and after the PhD I extended my research focus and founded my own research group on the field of material science and corrosion. After 10 years in R&D and I decided to join the industry. I joint ThyssenKrupp VDM in 2001 as a project engineer on the field of corrosion resistant alloys. 2 years later I became the head of the Technical Marketing of Corrosion Resistance Alloys. In 2006 I moved to the Sales Department, where I am now heading the Sales Division for Chemical Process Industry. Over these years I published many papers and book contributions and presented at conferences all over the world. I am linked to the University as an invited lecturer. I am member of NACE and the main European Corrosion Societies.

What do you enjoy the most in your job?

I most enjoy:
The global oriented sales activity, which requires many different commercial, technical and legal skills. I was very lucky for having the possibility to obtain both technical and commercial understanding in the course of my carrier.

The wide product diversity and a product portfolio perfectly tailored to the needs of the Chemical Industry and other demanding industries. It is really interesting to see how the basic rules of material science are used to create in the practice a variety of tailored made solutions for our customers.

Being present from the very beginning of a project, starting from the idea, through the engineering phase, the feasibility study to the fabrication.

The early recognition of new market trends and customer requirements and the alignment of the company activity to serve the resulting markets.

The coordination of continent cross-cutting projects: "it's nothing unusual, that in a project engineering companies from America, fabricators from Europe and Asia and an end customer, for example, from the Middle East are involved”.

What do you like about Outokumpu?

The ambition to become the worldwide leader for the supply of most demanding materials that are suited to build a sustainable world.

What does Outokumpu's new vision of a world that lasts forever mean to you?

Outokumpu VDM serves the world with right high performance materials.  They make for example chemical processes possible, sustainable and ecofriendly. For me this vision means to accept the challenge to manufacture today the materials for the production processes of tomorrow, to increase process efficiency and security, to reduce maintenance and to save the resources of our planet.

Anything else you would like to tell a possible future colleague about working at Outokumpu?

At our company every day high performance materials are born for use in the most demanding industries as CPI, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, etc. Without our materials all the progress related with those industries would not be possible. Our customers are masters of progress and it is important to understand them and their needs in order to bring our company forward.


About Dr. Helena Alves

Name: Dr. Helena Alves
Country of origin: Portugal
Current position:  Vice President - Sales Chemical Process Industry
Current office: Outokumpu VDM GmbH, Werdohl, Germany