​4. Rules of conduct

Before going to the place where you are working, inform the coordination (health and safety) supervisor/commissioner. Find out the safest way of getting to and from the place where you are working.

The coordination (health and safety) provisions set out the nearest alarm points. These are used when meeting ambulance/fire services and assembling in the event of accident.

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Staff facilities

Avesta Steelworks' staff facilities (canteens and changing rooms included therein) may not normally be used by contractors. Exceptions may be permitted by the steelworks' supervision team in charge of the work being done.

Alcohol and drugs

Under our alcohol policy, it is forbidden to take alcohol or drugs (in both cases, for own consumption or sale) into Avesta Steelworks. It is forbidden to be anywhere inside the complex under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The alcohol limit is 0.2 promille.

Smoking indoors is only permitted at indicated places.

Photography inside Avesta Steel Works

Photography inside Avesta Works is permitted by employees only, and on the basis that the pictures are intended to help with their own work within the company, and as long as the shift / departmental manager has given his / her approval. Accordingly, these photographs may not be used externally.

Photography for external use is only allowed with the permission of the General Manager. The General Manager must be consulted well in advance.



If you are the victim of theft, you yourself are responsible for informing the police. So that checks can be implemented immediately, you should also inform the main gate tel. +46 (0)226 81740.

Minimum age

The minimum age for working on any Avesta Steelworks' site is 18.

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