​2. Our operations

Production covers the manufacture of: crude stainless steel; continuous cast semis; hot rolled coil; cold rolled coil; and, both hot and cold rolled sheets and plates. Hot rolled coil is also made from semis supplied by the company's steelworks in Sheffield and Tornio.

Production is organised as follows:

  • The raw materials department is in charge of purchasing, inspecting and handling the raw materials for steel production (i.e. scrap, alloying elements, etc.).
  • The melt shop (Stålverket) is responsible for crude steel production, the casting of slabs (continuous casting) and grinding.
  • The hot coil mill (Varmbandverket) takes care of the production of hot rolled coil.
  • KBR (Kallvalsade Breda Rullar – cold rolled products) is responsible not only for rolling, heat treatment and pickling in the cold rolled mill, but also for the finishing of cold and hot rolled plate and coil in the finishing shop as well as for dispatch loading in the terminal.

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