​1. Introduction

Our goal is zero injuries at Avesta Works

We shall produce stainless steel with no accidents at all! In its work environment management initiatives, Avesta Works has prioritised the following three points:

  • Reducing the risk of accidents
  • Increasing the percentage of "long-term healthy" employees
  • Increasing wellbeing



We do things

Right first time

  • We have efficient procedures, from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product to the customer
  • The more often we do things right first time, and avoid scrapping materials and starting from the beginning again, the more profitable we become

At our workplace there is

Responsibility, job satisfaction and commitment

  • Everyone takes responsibility for doing a professional job
  • We think that it is stimulating to work at Avesta Works and feel a commitment to our work at Avesta Works

Participation and development

  • We all participate in, and are responsible for, changes and developments at Avesta Works 

Respect for each other

  • We listen and let everyone have their say
  • We are open, polite and give feedback
  • We show trust and confidence
  • We are loyal to decisions that have been made

For us this means

Accident-free steel

  • Avesta Works is a safe workplace without accidents

The customer’s first choice

  • Customers choose Avesta Works because we offer the best quality, delivery dependability, knowledge of applications/material and professional treatment

An attractive workplace

  • Avesta Works offer the most stimulating jobs, affording the opportunity for personal development. We enjoy and are proud of our work

Best profitability

  • Avesta Works is the most profitable stainless steel mill in the World within our product range

Operations are


  • We produce accident-free steel, i.e. nobody gets injured at Avesta Works
  • We do not take chances


  • We standardise best working practices and work with continuous improvements
  • We have better yield and availability than our competitors

Environmentally friendly

  • We fulfil all environmental legislation and conditions
  • In addition, we work intensively for a reduced environmental impact

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