​14. Handling environmentally hazardous substances

Chemical products

As regulated by agreement between Avesta Steelworks and the contractor, chemical products (e.g. oils, cleaning agents, solvents, etc.) that it is intended shall be brought into the complex are subject to control. In respect of such chemicals, the contractor shall also make proposals for the handling of product waste.

Before work can begin, the list of products must have bee approved by Avesta Works (via the site's/function's representative on the Chemicals Board). Safety information sheets must be kept with the products.

For advice and instructions on the handling of waste and chemical products, contact External Environment or the Safety Coordinator (telephone numbers below).

Sorting at source

Waste must be sorted at its source – see the "Sorting at source list" under Miljö/Yttre Miljö/Avfallshantering/Flöde (Environment/External Environment/Waste handling/Flow) on the intranet. The cost of unsorted, or incorrectly sorted, waste shall be borne by the contractor.


Environmental protection issues

If you require more information or answers to specific questions, contact:

External Environment:

+46 (0)226-819 13

+46 (0)226–813 85

Safety Engineer:

+46 (0)226-813 59

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