13. Environmental requirements, tidiness and cleanliness


Drilling, pile driving, etc. that disturbs nearby buildings may not be carried out between 22:00 and 06:00.

Tidiness and cleanliness

As a minimum requirement, this entails:

  • Cleaning as work progresses and at the end of each day's work
  • Avoiding the risk of accidents and fires by keeping materials, tools and waste tidy
  • Immediately on the completion of work, taking away own materials and equipment as well as tidying up the worksite
  • On completing work with/on cranes, roof beams, roof level walkways (or any other work at heights), etc. having your (the contractor's) work supervisors inspect the worksite to ensure that no tools, etc. have been left behind
  • Because of the danger of railway personnel being crushed or trapped, no materials/equipment may be placed within 3 metres of the centre of the railway line (the free space)

Sorting at source

In accordance with the instructions in the "Sorting at source list", waste must be sorted at source. It is the contractor's responsibility to find out how, at each worksite, waste is to be sorted at source.


Waste water

As instructed by the External Environment Coordinator, waste water may be released to an approved sewer.

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