​5. Entering, traffic and parking


Entering the complex

For visitors/contractors who are not entitled to bring in their vehicles:

Go to the main gate and state the purpose of your visit.

If a vehicle pass has been granted:

  • Drive towards the gate and stop your vehicle in the right-hand lane
  • Contact the guard and state the purpose of your visit
  • The guard will check that a pass has been awarded and issue you with a vehicle pass card
  • Once you have obtained this, use the left-hand lane. Use the card in the card reader


Main gate opening times
The main gate is open 24 hours a day, all year round.
Tel:  +46 (0)226-817 40 .

Internal gates
Your pass card operates all internal gates.

Traffic inside the complex

The highway code applies inside the industrial complex.

  • All motor vehicles (excluding bicycles, but including motorbikes, EU mopeds etc.) require a special permit / vehicle pass for entry onto the industrial areas
  • When passing factory gates or travelling inside the complex, drivers are required to submit to vehicle inspection
  • The marked pedestrian, cycle and vehicle routes must be used

Speed limits

The maximum permitted speed is 30 kph. Consequences of breaking the speed limit:

Speed, kphConsequence
> 30 < 40First offenceWritten warning
> 30 < 40Second offence within 12 monthsOne-month driving ban inside the complex
40 < 49One-month driving ban inside the complex
50-Three-month driving ban inside the complex

Any contravention of traffic regulations will result in immediate withdrawal of the vehicle pass.

Rail traffic

Rail traffic always has right of way.

Truck traffic

Truck traffic is frequently very heavy inside the complex. The trucks are often heavily laden with large goods and, consequently, the driver has limited vision. Projecting and wide loads are common and are not marked with warning flags or lights. Thus, all other traffic must pay the greatest possible attention to truck traffic inside the complex.

Vehicles pulling molten slag

From the melt shop to the slag yard, there is a constant flow of vehicles pulling slag buggies that contain molten slag.It is not permitted to be in the vicinity of such vehicles. This is because a hole may form in the slag buggy (and result in, amongst other things, explosion). There is also a large risk of tyre explosion. Furthermore, it is absolutely forbidden to park vehicles along the “slag road”.


​Vehicles may park only at the designated and marked parking places. In exceptional cases, they may also be parked at temporary parking sites indicated by the steelworks' supervision team.

Caravans and motorhomes may not be brought into the complex. Nor may they be parked and used for accommodation on any of Avesta Steelworks' car parks outside the complex itself.

For fire insurance purposes, motor vehicles (mopeds, etc. included therein) must not, under any circumstances whatsoever, or for any length of time whatsoever, be parked inside any of the company's premises that are not designated as garages.

Any contravention of traffic regulations will result in immediate withdrawal of the vehicle pass.

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