​7. Emergencies

Emergency calls to ambulance, rescue and police services are normally made via the main gate, internal telephone 900. You will have to give the following information:

  • Who are you
  • What has happend
  • Where it has happened and your alarm point number
  • Which service/assistance is required

Alarm points are indicated: in the map of alarm points, in the coordination form and on door frames.

Ensure that there is someone to meet the emergency service at the stated alarm point.

To make an alarm call from a mobile telephone, dial 112. After that, YOU must ring the main gate (+46 (0)226-82900 and give the guard the same information as above.

Accidents and incidents

Accidents and serious incidents must be immediately notified to your own work supervisors and to Avesta Works Coordination Supervisor.

First-aid equipment

At several points in the steelworks, there are first-aid materials, eye showers, emergency showers, etc. The contractor has prime responsibility for providing first-aid equipment for its employees. If equipment belonging to Avesta Steelworks has been used, Avesta Steelworks' supervision team must be informed immediately.



Each contractor is responsible for the fire fighting equipment that may be required by its operations. The use of equipment belonging to Avesta Steelworks must be notified immediately.

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