10. Disconnect and lock content

Disconnect and Lock here means:

Disconnect the machine's power supply and Lock/block the machine against unintentional operation/movement.


Disconnect and Lock applies whenever work is to be carried out on machinery.

Remember that YOU are personally responsible when you work inside a machine's risk area. You are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the machine is stopped in the normal manner before the safety switch is put in the off position or the power supply is entirely disconnected
  • Locking the switch with your personal padlock (your name badge must be fitted to this)
  • Blocking the machine against unintentional operation/movement
  • Ensuring that all tools are tidied away and that all surfaces are free from all objects when the work has been completed
  • Ensuring that all guards are put back in place
  • Removing mechanical blocks
  • Removing your personal padlock
  • Being the "last person" and switching the power supply back on or reconnecting the power supply
  • Before starting work, get the Disconnect and Lock regulations from the coordinator/contact person

Only the work environment supervisor has the authority to cut a lock that has been unintentionally left in place.

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