​6. Coordination procedures

One of our most important work environment goals is:

”No accident must ever be the result of a deficiency in coordination.”

For you, this entails:

  • On arriving at the gate, stating the purpose of your visit. Checks are then made to establish if you are authorised to enter and whether health and safety coordination measures are in place or whether they have to be set up
  • Not starting any work before there has been consultation
  • Always contacting the coordinator before starting work and immediately giving notice of any delays or any changes in conditions
  • Always making separate health and safety coordination arrangements in respect of indoor work with skylifts, lifting tables or mobile cranes

We take the approach:

”Contractors who care about the work environment and follow our procedures are always in the running for future orders."

Our joint responsibility

Everyone has the right to work safely. Immediately report any situations that you believe may lead to an accident. Report to your work supervisor, contact person or the Coordination Supervisor. 

If you have questions

Our specialists can be contacted on the following numbers:

Work environment and safety function Main safety representative
+46 (0)226-818 24, 818 69, 818 74 Fax: +46 (0)226-818 50HSO Metall+46 (0)226-816 97
+46 (0)226-813 59 HSO PTK+46 (0)226-813 20



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