​Health and safety certificate for Avesta Steelworks

To ensure the safety of all shared workplaces in Avesta Steelworks, a safety certificate has been devised for contractors. The certificate ensures that all employees working in Avesta Steelworks have sufficient knowledge level in: occupational safety; health and safety coordination; and, risks.

All employees of both contractors and Avesta Works must attend the safety certificate course and successfully complete an online safety course. The goal is to protect contractors and Avesta Steelworks employees from accidents.

  • The safety course is based around Sweden's Work Environment Act and other regulations.
  • Requirements to finish the course and receive your safety certificate
    • you must study safety related information
    • you must answer correctly to questions related to safety at site
    • your are required to take the test personally and give your personal contact information for identification. Read Outokumpu Privacy Policy

The certificate is valid for three years.

Online safety course and knowledge test

To receive your certificate, read through the following sections and then take the knowledge test: