​​​​​​​​​​​​Corporate responsibility management and policies​

Outokumpu has a group-wide corporate responsibility policy and ethics statement. The principles laid out in these commitments are made concrete by our code of conduct, which guides our employees in everyday situations.

Responsibility to people and to the environment has always been important to Outokumpu. Stated in simple terms, our aim is to make sustainable profits through responsible business practices a central element of all Group operations and strategy.

At Outokumpu, corporate responsibility is CEO's area of responsibility. A Corporate Responsibility Team comprises representatives from different functions advises on matters related to corporate responsibility and coordinates them across the Group, while the corporate EHS function acts as the responsible unit. The Business areas and functions are responsible for ensuring that operations within their own organizations are conducted in a responsible manner and that monitoring, data collection and reporting are duly carried out.

  • In business conduct, Outokumpu applies principles of good corporate governance and transparent accounting, called Code of Conduct
  • Outokumpu’s governance principles are transparent, and the roles and responsibilities of corporate bodies are clearly defined.
  • Outokumpu condemns unlawful competition measures. Employees receive training to make them knowledgeable about applicable competition laws and policies.
  • Corrupt behavior and bribery are absolutely unacceptable. Any entertainment or gifts offered or received by Outokumpu personnel must be modest in economic value.

Policies and requirements

Corporate responsibility contacts


Juha Ylimaunu
Vice President - Environment and Sustainability

Phone +358 16 452450
Mobile +358 40 5018856
Email: juha.ylimaunu(at)outokumpu.com

Verena Schulz-Klemp
Director Sustainability
Phone: +49 2151 83-3804
Mobile: +49 172 2372500

Camilla Kaplin
Senior Manager - Environment
Phone +46 163 49189
Mobile +46 70 6217242
Email: camilla.kaplin(at)outokumpu.com

Health and safety:

Alastair McCubbin
Senior Vice President – Chief Safety Officer and Human Resources Development
Phone +44 784 151 8631
Mobile +44 785 051 6075
Email: alastair.mccubbin(at)outokumpu.com